Stimulate your development efforts and time with the universal data modeling

Improve consistency, standardization, and quality assurance by implementing the best practice data model. Lyftrondata’s powerful universal data modeling framework empowers users to jump-start development projects, thus reducing data model development and maintenance time.

Achieve high-quality data model and reduce development time

Universal Data Models help data professionals reduce development time, improve consistency, and standardization while achieving high-quality models. Users across an organization use different BI tools to analyze, explore, and visualize the massive volume of data. These tools work on different data models and mechanisms. Modifying any of these data sources’ repositories requires a massive change in all the BI tools.

Lyftrondata is designed to handle such modern data requirements. The powerful architecture defines the same data models in different BI tools and makes the updated data available to all the sources. Centralize the data modeling with the unified platform and share data sets across BI tools and teams, easily and quickly.

Lyftrondata makes it possible to find and query all structured and unstructured data. Users use standard SQL to query both legacy Data Warehouses, data sources in real-time and all Cloud Data Warehouses.

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftrondata's simplicity


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Shortcut for development time, efforts and cost

Ease of Use and Reuse

The universal data model makes it easy for users to drive results based on the updated information. The data model for a report becomes a trusted corporate asset that is easy to find and reuse in other tools.

Cost and Time Saver

The reusable framework and unified modeling shrinks the extra cost and time of data warehousing and provides consistent results during spikes. Lyftrondata delivers high performance for all major BI tools, including Power BI, Google Analytics, Excel, MicroStrategy, and Tableau.

A Single Source of Truth

Lyftrondata’s approach to the universal data model ensures that everyone in an organization bases business decisions on the same data. All the users access unified information from a single source of truth and get a clear picture of the latest loaded data.

Resolve Inconsistencies and Duplicacy

Many organizations end up in the situation of having data in a variety of systems that do not communicate with each other. By displaying the data in a universal data model framework, you can see connections and redundancies, resolve inconsistencies, and coordinate different entities.

Reduce Development Time

The Universal Data Model framework arms users with an amazing arrangement of information models and distribution systems that kick off unnecessary delays and errors, thus reducing the time of the development cycle by 60%.

Data Standardization

Accelerate your data modeling efforts and save time. Get a complete set of data models that ensures quality, reduces development time, and facilitates standardization of existing data models and definitions.

Embrace data innovation with data monetization

Simply convert your data into a monetization revenue system by enabling your customers, employees, suppliers, providers, and consumers to utilize a secure agile platform for their data transfer. Gone are the days when enterprises shared the data by writing custom API, use FTP process and email for data exchange. Lyftrondata gives any organization the ability to securely share data, and receive shared data, while eliminating the cost and headache of traditional data sharing methods. You can create your own data hub with secure access to live and governed data. You control who provides the data, who can view the data, and who can access the data.

Lyftrondata provides better security and governance of your data to enable enterprises to share with ease. Lyftrondata Sharing Hub acts as an enterprise data security layer where enterprises can control how they want to share their data. Lyftrondata provides an easy and secure way for organizations to become data providers, and therefore, monetize their data to create new revenue streams. In addition, every Lyftrondata customer has access to the Lyftrondata Data Providers, where they can acquire third-party data, combine it with their own data, and gain a level of insight not possible before. Just imagine if all the barriers to sharing and monetizing data disappeared. What new insights and opportunities would emerge that would transform your organization?

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