On Steroids

Lyftron eliminates the traditional ETL/ELT & EDW bottlenecks by automatically normalizing API/Json/XML sources into ready-to-query relational format. 

Lyftron enables data engineers or analysts to blend any data with automatic data pipeline in minutes, not months, analyze it instantly with ANSI Sql, visualize it with any BI tool and share it with confidence.

Revolutionary Lyftron way to build agile, data culture

Highlights Old Way Lyftron Way
Timeframe to build Data Pipelines Highly time-consuming, 2+Months Quick, Few Clicks in A Couple of Days
Cost & Efforts Expensive & high efforts Cost-effective & minimal efforts
Modifications in Data Pipelines Unplanned and Troublesome Fully Automated and Speedy
Learning Tedious process Negligible
Team Size Big Team of Experts (50+ Resources) Few Resources (1-10)

Why data-driven enterprises do not need traditional ETL/ELT platforms anymore ?

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftron's simplicity with these agile steps

Whether you want to build a data lake, data warehouse, or simply want to migrate from your traditional database to modern cloud data warehouse, do it all with Lyftron.
  • Connect
  • Normalize
  • Analyze
  • Warehouse
  • Visualize
  • Data Sharing

Integrate your data from 150+ sources instantly

Register over 100+ types of data sources in one place. Choose the most valuable data sources and replicate them to the cloud.
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Google Analytics

Busines Analyst

I feel more aligned with the agile process as now I can analyze any data without worrying about any technical know how.

Empower your analytics with simple, codeless, automated API relational data models

We build the best data models around various source API’s, to ensure you will get all of your data and can query the non relational source like API/Json/XML with ANSI Sql.

Data Analyst

I have a better control on the data analysis process as now I can run rapid fast queries against the API’s which I never thought possible.

Built for the agile data culture

We enables any non technical person to analyze the data from API without worrying about any coding. Simple connect your source and run ANSI sql queries.

SELECT o.userid, o.order_id, o.amount, case when p.status="Active" then 1 Else 0 end as status, p.currency, pay.fee FROM [ order ] o INNER JOIN [ payouttransactions ] pay ON = INNER JOIN [ payouts ] p ON p . id = ORDER BY o . locationid
User-id Order-id Amount Currency Fee
1 187453 $20 $ $123

Data Architect

I can easily able to do the architecture and requirement gathering by simply writing ANSI Sql queries for the API sources which use to be the taboos for me.

Load your data into your warehouse or lake instantly

Define dataset, apply SQL transformations or simply migrate your SQL data processing logic to any cloud data warehouse.

Amazon Redshift
SQL Synapse
Google Bigquery
Postgres Sql
MS SQL Server

Data Architect

I can easily able to build my data pipeline in few clicks and load billions of records to my warehouse and also able to do cross platform joins on the API sources with ease.

Analyze your data from any BI/ML tools

Create a canonical data model that is shared between BI tools. Build a shared data catalog of valuable data sources.

Google Data Studio
Power BI
Periscope Data
AWS Quicksight

BI Analyst

I can have a better response from the BI reports and can connect with API/Json/XML based sources in just fewer clicks.

Data sharing is data caring

Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Share these data sets with other experts through APIs and drive better insights and user experience. This data sharing ability is perfect for companies who want to store their data once, share it with other experts and use it multiple times, now and in future. We build the best data sharing process around your data stack. So say goodbye to the complex API, FTP and Email and simple on board your consumers to the Lyftron platform in just 5 mins.

Health care

Our Agile Team

We can easily able to share the data instantly and collaborate with teams with ease.

What makes Lyftron unique

Real-time sync

Hardly impacting on your system sources, you can load data to multiple destinations without any barriers.

Advance security

Provide additional encryption layers and even protect sensitive data with Lyftron and it’s ability to install Lyftron on-premise.

Built-in apache spark

Simply start Lyftron, connect data sources and use a built-in Apache Spark as a Data Lake. Migrate to a bigger scale later.

Simple interface - no coding needed

Easy to use click-based user interface delivers a codeless development environment.

Cost- effective licensing model

Lyftron provides fixed price licenses which gives incredibly unlimited data volumes and the power to process efficiently.

High performance, cloud friendly

Best in class data transfer speeds along with advanced monitoring and guaranteed delivery.

Learn how Lyftron can change your data strategy

Data warehouse modernization

Learn how to smoothly migrate to a new data warehouse and also change the way how users are finding and accessing data.

Business intelligence acceleration

Learn how a combination of a data pipeline with a Logical Data Warehouse shortens Business Intelligence projects 4x.

Hybrid cloud data warehousing

Learn how to overcome the challenges of Hybrid Cloud connectivity across Data Warehouses, data sources and SaaS BI tools.