Secured data sharing and data caring

Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Share these data sets with other experts with zero code and drive better insights and user experience. This data sharing ability is perfect for companies who want to store their data once, share it with other experts and use it multiple times, now and in the future. 

Do more with your data, collaborate across your business

Organizations are actively exploring new options to share their data securely and effectively with different users, internal teams and different organizations, if needed. Enable governance for customers, suppliers, partners and employees to improve collaboration with secure and governed access to all your available data. Lyftrondata Sharing enables you to securely share data without having to copy or move data.

Lyftrondata’s data sharing framework is built on top of the secured data governance technology, so the data doesn’t move, which eliminates the cost, headache, and delays associated with legacy data sharing methods that deliver only slices of stale data. With Lyftrondata, create immediate insights and additional business value, while improving your data governance.

Lyftrondata modern architecture provides row and column level access security to the users making it easier, and more secure than ever before, to share your data without writing any single piece of code. With Lyftrondata’s robust and secure framework, you can enable governance on your data hub and easily maintain one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships with your customers & partners.

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftrondata's simplicity


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Turn your data into the fuel of success

An Instant and Secured Access

Lyftrondata ensures secured and governed data sharing to all the consumers in minutes. Data enthusiasts can share live data instantly without delays and much effort.

Internal and External Sharing

A data set could be shared internally, between different operating groups, and could also be easily transported to the external commodities, thus eliminating the need to implement a sharing tool.

Monetize Your Real-time Data

Lyftrondata empowers users to view live data instantly with the consumers to ensure they remain up-to-date and combine it with their existing data to get the deepest insights possible.

Improve Agility

Enable faster insights and better collaboration across the departments and partner organizations by empowering your customers, employees, consumers, and suppliers with secured data sharing.

Better Security & Governance

Control the security and access of your data at the column and row level. Lyftrondata enables robust security for data sharing by enabling access control at the pipeline, database, table, column and schema levels.

Faster Go-To Market

Lyftrondata empowers enterprises to share the data without writing any code or setting any infrastructure. Eliminate traditional data sharing method's complexity with Lyftrondata's simplicity.

Embrace data innovation with data monetization

Simply convert your data into a monetization revenue system by enabling your customers, employees, suppliers, providers, and consumers to utilize a secure agile platform for their data transfer. Gone are the days when enterprises shared the data by writing custom API, use FTP process and email for data exchange. Lyftrondata gives any organization the ability to securely share data, and receive shared data, while eliminating the cost and headache of traditional data sharing methods. You can create your own data hub with secure access to live and governed data. You control who provides the data, who can view the data, and who can access the data.

Lyftrondata provides better security and governance of your data to enable enterprises to share with ease. Lyftrondata Sharing Hub acts as an enterprise data security layer where enterprises can control how they want to share their data. Lyftrondata provides an easy and secure way for organizations to become data providers, and therefore, monetize their data to create new revenue streams. In addition, every Lyftrondata customer has access to the Lyftrondata Data Providers, where they can acquire third-party data, combine it with their own data, and gain a level of insight not possible before. Just imagine if all the barriers to sharing and monetizing data disappeared. What new insights and opportunities would emerge that would transform your organization?

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