Lyftrondata capabilities

Effortless modern data pipeline

Transform with SQL​

Define data transformations as a standard SQL. Lyftrondata pushes down SQL to data sources and the cloud.

Use any BI tool

Connect any BI tool to data sources or replicated tables. All sources and data pipelines are accessible from a single ODBC/JDBC/ADO.NET driver.

Prototype data sets

Avoid needless delay in data preparation. Define virtual data sets before starting a data pipeline.

Real-time data replication

Lyftrondata enables near real time data replication on the fly. Treat yourself with our simplicity and eliminate complexity.

Real-time Sync

Continuously load data to destination with minimal impact on source systems.

Advanced security

Lyftrondata offers the capability to install on premise. Additionally, it also allows users to add more layers of encryption and automatically protects sensitive data.

Built-in apache spark

Simply start Lyftrondata, connect data sources, and use a built-in Apache Spark as a data lake. This allows users to migrate later.

Simple interface - no coding needed

Easy to use, click-based user interface delivers a codeless development environment.

Cost-effective licensing model

Lyftrondata provides fixed price licenses which gives tremendous unlimited data volumes and the power to process efficiently.

High performance cloud friendly

Best-in-class data transfer speeds along with advanced monitoring and guaranteed delivery.

Lower infrastructure costs

Leverage the existing power of DBMS hardware engines, rather than relying on external staging servers, and scale with ease.

Codeless development

Allows users to integrate all types of data without writing any code through a codeless development environment, thus increasing developer productivity.

High-speed performance

The technology does not work on data row-by-row like traditional ETL products, but rather does so in inset and bulk operations.

Prebuilt transformation templates

Use default templates for common transformations like Star Schema and integration techniques, thus eliminating time spent on tedious tasks.

Complex data parsing capabilities

Complex Data Parsing capabilities are built into the tool – Access and parse complex data types, including Web logs, JSON and XML files.

Cost-effective data management

Works with the chosen web service platform allowing users to manage large data volumes at an unprecedented, low cost.