Regain Control of Your Growing IT Data with Lyftron for

Take your IT data, load to any data warehouse and analyze it instantly in easy steps

Lyftron modernizes IT departments by offering them the flexibility to consolidate data of their choice without being bound by the structure or schema of the data warehouse. Consolidate data from all your departments, partners and customers and manage your information effectively. Gain real-time insights into how your customers, functions are performing and make instant decisions.

How it Works

  • Connect
  • Normalize
  • Analyze
  • Transform
  • Visualize
  • Share

Integrate your IT data with Lyftron instantly and blend with 150+ other sources

Data extraction with Lyftron is easy. Be up and moving in minutes. Without any help from developers, Lyftron enables you to choose your most valuable IT data and pulls it from all your connected data sources in just one click.

Busines Analyst

I feel more aligned with the agile process as now I can analyze any data without worrying about any technical know how.

Empower your analytics with out of the box IT relational data model

Once the data is extracted, you could ingest it to the data warehouse or BI tool of your choice with zero coding required. Lyftron connectors automatically convert any source data into normalized structure of ANSI SQL and push down the data pipeline processing as an ELT to the native cloud data warehouse.

Data Analyst

I have a better control on the data analysis process as now I can run rapid fast queries against the API’s which I never thought possible.

Built for the agile data culture for your IT data

Next, analyze massive volumes of this real-time data in visualization tools and get instant answers to your IT performance. Over 100 integrations empower you to use your favorite tools to map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.
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Data Architect

I can easily able to do the architecture and requirement gathering by simply writing ANSI Sql queries for the API sources which use to be the taboos for me.

Load your IT data into your warehouse or lake instantly

Transform your growth metrics by combining your sales and IT data. Joining tables, renaming metrics and mathematical calculations result in a deeper and more complex data structure than the raw data.

Data Architect

I can easily able to build my data pipeline in few clicks and load billions of records to my warehouse and also able to do cross platform joins on the API sources with ease.

Load your IT data into your warehouse or lake instantly

Visualize and explore your data metrics in beautifully designed dashboards or any BI tool such as Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Excel, Google spreadsheets. Get insights across products, channels, customers, and more.

BI Analyst

I can have a better response from the BI reports and can connect with API/Json/XML based sources in just fewer clicks.

Data sharing is data caring

Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Share these data sets with other experts through APIs and drive better insights and user experience. This data sharing ability is perfect for companies who want to store their data once, share it with other experts and use it multiple times, now and in the future.

Our Agile Team

We can easily able to share the data instantly and collaborate with teams with ease.


Virtual Scalability for Streamlining your Business Processes

Lyftron offers unlimited scalability. The fully automated data pipelines quickly adapt to the growing needs of your organization without impacting the performance and user experience.

Single Source Of Truth For Diverse Data

Store and share all your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data at one single location and eliminate multiple and cost-prohibitive systems.

Stress-free Migration for Time and Cost Saving

Release the stress of handling IT issues like managing security, validation and peak flows with cloud integration. Lyftron is designed to tackle and migrate volumes of data pumped from different streams in real-time.

Fuel Your Expansion Plans With Data

Understand the request for IT and plan your expansion plans with valuable insights from your data. Gain better control of your business with real-time analysis of data streams.

Beautiful Designed Dashboards for Critical Decision Making

Access a detailed dashboard and gain real-time insights for critical decision making. Know what is performing well and what needs to be improved.

Data model

Accounting Period
App Definition
Assembly Build
Bin Transfer
Budget Category
Calendar Event
Cash Sale
Contact Role
Cost Category
Coupon Code
Credit Memo
Cash Refund

Use cases


Lyftron automatically connects with your data and files, load them in a cloud data warehouse of your choice and makes the data available in your favorite BI or analytics tool. All transformations are defined in standard SQL, which are pushed down to target data warehouse in their native SQL for better performance.

Yes. It is meant for it! Get comprehensive analytics and advanced reports on how your functions/customers are doing in beautifully designed dashboards. Track all your relevant finance KPIs, get effective cash management and track expenses, sales and profits in detail to meet and outperform your objectives.

Analyze any data size in more than 35 visualization tools! The agile-data delivery model could process trillions of rows, tables and delivers unmatched BI performance and limitless scalability for IT. Run real-time SQL queries on any data source. Create data sets and share them between teams and analytics tools.

The whole process right from the integration to producing actionable insights, happens in less then 4 minutes- promising a time optimization by 75%.

Lyftron enables enterprise-level security with built-in security model and support for standard security frameworks and protocols. Its embedded security system allows data masking, field-level restrictions and architecture that automatically scales up and down.

Yes, Off course! With Lyftron modern data pipeline, you could have access to all your data points, make analysis simple for all stakeholders, and gain a holistic view of your data without any technical limitations.

Not at all! Lyftron pre built connectors automatically convert Json, Xml, API to normalized structure and provides ready-to-query schemas and full search on data catalog.

Through a governed embeddable data discovery model, users could search, tag, alias, and enrich your data with ease. The powerful agile-based platform enables enterprises to transform messy and unstructured data to facilitate and enhance its analysis.

Lyftron modern data hub offers a logical data warehouse where software data is stored once and utilize the memory compute for transformation, loading and standardization. Data virtualization offer users a single interface -- often based on SQL -- to access data in multiple places or formats. Lyftron integrates data virtualization, manages the unified accounting data for centralized security, and delivers real-time data for best class performance. Lyftron provides a common abstraction over any data source type, shielding users from its complexity and back-end technologies it operates on. It relies on views that allow finance users to integrate data on the fly.

Lyftron supports all the high performing big data warehouse like Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Azure, HDInsights, Databricks etc and next gen cloud data warehouse like Snowflake, Redshift, Google Big Query and Azure SQL DW.

Lyftron supports Lyft, Shift, and Phase migration approach which enables users to rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage their hybrid environment.

Lyftron speeds up the data preparation process so that the focus is less on cleaning the data and more on gaining insights in the shortest time possible. Such self-service data preparation systems, collaborative data modeling, and instant logical data warehousing allow different live of functions to work together and deliver fast.

Please write to us at [email protected] for details related to pricing.

No, Lyftron will help you create a Data Pipeline automatically and let you analyze the data instantly with ANSI Sql and BI tools.

No, Lyftron will help you connect and normalize your API Json output automatically so you can focus on your business and Lyftron will take care of the data pipeline.

Lyftron is providing out of the box data warehouse star schema design, and BI dashboard for the accounting services. So, you can just use our express solution to build your new analytics platform in no time.

Lyftron will provide you with automatic data lineage and tag-based search which will populate our data catalog engine. So, anybody like business users, data analysts or engineers can search all their objects with ease.

No, Lyftron allows JSON parsing function so, you can directly use simple select syntax and have your JSON data extracted quickly as shown on this query here

select JSON_PATH(LineAggregate, '$.[0].id') ,JSON_PATH(LineAggregate, '$.[0].variant_id'),
LineAggregate from
(select top 1  * from [Finance_GeniusMinds].[Shopify].[Orders]) as orders

No problem, we get you covered. Lyftron has inbuilt data encryption mechanism which let you encrypt your sensitive information with ease.

Lyftron has robust column level security which will help you choose the access based on roles and user and only the users you choose will get the access on pipeline, database, table or column.

Yes, Lyftron will sync all your historical data, simply connect and choose your load option.

Lyftron will help you automatically create the schema, will do auto merging, auto sync for your files and auto ingest into your target data warehouse automatically. There's no need of any manual looping process, Lyftron will read the files from subdirectories automatically.


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