About us

Lyftrondata delivers a data management platform that combines a modern data pipeline with agility for rapid data preparation.

Who we are

We are a group of data engineers who have learned the pain points of traditional data preparation activities in BI projects.

Our mission

Based on our experience in BI projects, Lyftrondata wishes to bring agility in data management and avoid delays in BI projects.

What we do

Lyftrondata helps analytics teams to find a balance between traditional ETL-heavy data preparation and agility to find, connect and use any data without delays.

Trusted by industry leaders

Inspiring data management journey

Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source into normalized, ready-to-query relational format and provide search capability on your enterprise data catalog.

We make BI & Big Data analytics work easier and faster. Our goal is to empower business users and make always-busy business and heavily loaded BI specialists less dependent on each other when solving data-driven business problems. If you have ever experienced a lack of data you needed, time to consuming report generation or long queue to your BI expert, consider Lyftrondata.

Lyftrondata eliminates traditional ETL/ELT bottlenecks with automatic data pipeline and make data instantly accessible to BI user with the modern cloud compute of Spark & Snowflake.

The problem we saw

Business users

  • Some reports take long minutes to generate

  • My BI expert wants me to wait 4 weeks for a new report

  • I need real-time data

  • I’m tired of digging for reasons of data inconsistency

  • I want more 360-degree view on my business

  • How to load on-premise and SaaS data to the Cloud

  • How to use the legacy and the cloud data warehouse at the same time

  • How to connect SaaS and on-premise BI tools to on-premise and cloud databases

Data management experts

  • Would be great to reduce ETL processes workload

  • I need agile prototyping tools when optimizing my warehouse

  • I want to offload data and processing to the cloud

  • I need more clarity and governance on data

  • I already did everything I could to accelerate queries

  • I’m overloaded with business requests

  • I need future proof solution for rapid growth of data volume

How we solved it

We built agile, enterprise-wide data delivery platform for analytics guided by these principles

Integrate any data source

Connect 130+ on-premise and cloud data sources and set up continuous data synchronization of selected data to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Azure SQL DW or any other database.

Query with SQL in Real-Time

Not all data sources must be replicated to a data warehouse to be usable for analytics. Use SQL for any data source and also query data in real-time.

Universal data model

Lyftrondata is a single place to find and query all possible data. Use standard SQL to query both legacy Data Warehouses, data sources in real-time and all Cloud Data Warehouses.

Empower data teams

Let data analysts and data scientists find and manage their data sets. Foster collaboration by creating a global Data Catalog of all valuable data sources.

Migrate step-by-step

Migrate a legacy Data Warehouse either as a single Lift-Shift-Modernize operation or as a staged approach. Run dashboards both from the old Data Warehouse and the Cloud DW, switch the target when migration is finished.​

Support any BI tool

Connect any BI tool using build-in SQL Server drivers through a fully simulated SQL Server protocol. Bridge a connection from SaaS BI tools to on-premise data and the on-premise Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Cloud native data hub

Lyftrondata is designed and built for the cloud. Lyftrondata enables hybrid cloud management, multiple source and target formats, syncing between regions and modern cloud compute.

Columnar data pipeline

High-performance modern Data Warehouses are all columnar and efficiently process data in bulk. Lyftrondata extends the columnar processing to the data pipeline, which speeds up data loading and transformation.

Migrate to modern databases

Automatically convert data types from data source to match the target database types. A columnar data pipeline will load the data without delays.

SQL interface

Fully simulated Transact-SQL interface (wire compatible with SQL Server) enables bridged queries to any data source or target Data Warehouse. No drivers or new skills are needed to run queries on any data.

Accelerate BI by Prototyping

Shorten BI projects by 4x with a simple trick. First define all required data sets virtually. Build the dashboards on real-time data, consult with business users and replicate the data only when required.

Global data catalog

Categorize all data sets stored in the Cloud, essential data sources and valuable data sets defined by data analysts and data scientists.

The Lyftrondata partner ecosystem

From technology certifications to co-marketing initiatives, partnering with Lyftrondata allows you to build data-driven companies worldwide.

Plumbers behind Lyftrondata

Shagufta Begum


Robert Scott

Advisor & Technology Evangelist

Ashby Patterson

Manager of Sales & Alliances, North America

Diwakar Bhalla

Strategic Advisor

Suyash Mishra

Strategic Advisor

Vivek Nigam

Strategic Advisor


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