Data replication done the right way

See the performance of the availability of your data at 1/10th of the cost. Implement a modern way to replicate your data and experience improved network performance, reliability, and data analytics support.

Master the art of data replication

Data Replication makes data access faster and smoother, especially in organizations with a varied number of data sources and hosts. However, traditionally performing the replica of same data in multiple locations leads to higher storage, more time, greater processor costs, and more bandwidth.

Lyftrondata addresses this challenge and facilitates the large-scale sharing of data among different hosts and systems. With its user-friendly interface, in just a couple of clicks, users can load, transfer and replicate data to almost any platform, even without any coding skills.

Lyftrondata is empowering data-driven organizations to easily replicate data and implement incremental changes from multiple sources to Amazon S3, RDS or Redshift – continuously with Real-Time Sync, securely through advanced encryption and affordably with the industry’s most cost-effective licensing model.

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftrondata's simplicity

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A robust platform to capture and replicate data between sources

Improved network performance

Having similar data in various areas lowers data access latency, since required information can be recovered nearer to where the exchange is executing.

Less data movement over network

The more replicas of a connection there are, the greater the chances that the necessary data is discovered where the exchange is executing. Consequently, data replication diminishes the development of data among sites and expands processing speeds.

High-speed performance

Lyftrondata’s modern data technology does not work on data row-by-row like traditional ETL products. Rather, it empowers data enthusiasts with inset and bulk operations to process their data sets.

Data reliability and availability

Data replication guarantees easy access to data. This is especially helpful for worldwide associations, spread over various areas.

Codeless development

Allows users to integrate all types of data without writing any code through a codeless development environment, thus increasing developer productivity.

Disaster recovery

The primary advantage of replication appears in terms of disaster recovery and data protection. It guarantees that a consistent backup is kept up in case of a disaster, equipment calamity, or a framework break, which can compromise data.

Embrace data innovation with data monetization

Simply convert your data into a monetization revenue system by enabling your customers, employees, suppliers, providers, and consumers to utilize a secure agile platform for their data transfer. Gone are the days when enterprises shared the data by writing custom API, use FTP process and email for data exchange. Lyftrondata gives any organization the ability to securely share data, and receive shared data, while eliminating the cost and headache of traditional data sharing methods. You can create your own data hub with secure access to live and governed data. You control who provides the data, who can view the data, and who can access the data.

Lyftrondata provides better security and governance of your data to enable enterprises to share with ease. Lyftrondata Sharing Hub acts as an enterprise data security layer where enterprises can control how they want to share their data. Lyftrondata provides an easy and secure way for organizations to become data providers, and therefore, monetize their data to create new revenue streams. In addition, every Lyftrondata customer has access to the Lyftrondata Data Providers, where they can acquire third-party data, combine it with their own data, and gain a level of insight not possible before. Just imagine if all the barriers to sharing and monetizing data disappeared. What new insights and opportunities would emerge that would transform your organization?

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