A robust data catalog model for a single source of truth

Enterprise-Wide Data Catalog and Data Lineage to empower data-driven enterprises to quickly discover, understand, and manage all their data and keep it up-to-date.

Data Catalog for a strong data foundation

Gartner describes the data catalog as “A data catalog maintains an inventory of data assets through the discovery, description, and organization of datasets. The catalog provides context to enable data analysts, data scientists, data stewards, and other data consumers to find and understand a relevant dataset for the purpose of extracting business value.

Lyftrondata’s use of AI and machine learning for metadata collection, semantic inference, and tagging, provides maximum value from automation and minimize manual effort. Lyftrondata robust data catalog provides many other capabilities including support for data curation and collaborative data management, intelligent dataset recommendations, and a variety of data governance features.

What you get

Simplify Data Discovery At All Scale

Search, tag, alias, and enrich your data set through Lyftrondata’s fully automated data discovery model. The powerful agile-based platform enables enterprises to transform messy and unstructured data to facilitate and enhance their analysis. It also helps users to rapidly find, understand, and deal with every one piece of data from a powerful visual interface. With a few clicks, you can search by object types like database, table, schema, view, column and pipeline.

Achieve a Data Privacy Compliance Framework

Amplify your information governance with a robust data lineage model that follows high-quality controls and compliance mechanisms. Lyftrondata comes with a built-in enterprise data compliance framework complying with all of the necessary rules and tools that your team needs to successfully operationalize your program. It validates and enhances the quality of data and is designed to protect the data from misuse.

Modern Governed Data Lake for effective and efficient use of data

Lyftrondata enables data governance with data catalog, data model, data definition, data lineage, tagging and enterprise data dictionary search. The governance framework of Lyftrondata validates and enhances the quality of data and is designed to protect the data from misuse. These capabilities ensure data is up to date, accessible, and eventually removed at appropriate points in its lifecycle. The governed data lake acts as an anti-corruption layer that allows nested tagging by resource groups, ensuring effective and efficient use of data.

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From data to analytics, in a matter of seconds

  • Centralized Data Dictionary

    Simplify data search at any scale or volume. Just use our powerful visual interface and search by Object Types like databases, schemas, tables, rows, or columns.

  • Data Governance

    Achieve continuous intelligence with advanced security analytics. Stay in control of your data, reduce the risk and experience a secured distribution of actionable intelligence.

  • Search & Discovery

    A simple way to do an enterprise-level search based on the keyword and easily get the results categorized by object types like database, table, schema, view, column, pipeline.

  • Tagging & Categorization

    Easily categorize your datasets based on your data classification or departments like HIPAA, PII, GDPR, Sales, Marketing etc and empower your team to get the insights in minutes.

  • Statistics Discovery

    It's easier to find out which pipeline, database, or table is contributing to a higher number of records. Simply click on the statistics categories and get the desired results.

  • Relationship Identification

    Fully managed way to identify parent and child relationship between the table and pipeline. Just select the include parents and include children option and get the top to bottom and bottom to top relationship.

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