A speedy self-serving data preparation model for faster actionable insights

Lyftrondata is perfect for technology and data analyst teams hoping to reduce their cost of data management by up to 75% and query any data with ANSI SQL. The platform provides a view of all data in one place without data movement and enables governed data lake and cloud data warehousing.

Self-service data preparation model

Data preparation with Lyftrondata enables cleaning, structuring and enriching raw data into the desired output for analysis. This functions to clean and transform data from one or more sources to improve its quality prior to its use in business data analysis.

Lyftrondata delivers a data management platform that combines a modern data pipeline with agility for rapid data preparation. Lyftrondata helps analytics teams to find a balance between traditional ETL-heavy data preparation and agility to find, connect and use any data without delays. Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source into a normalized, ready-to-query relational format and provide search capability on your enterprise data catalog. Lyftrondata shortens data preparation activities by letting data teams create logical data sets first, evaluate the data and delay the data loading until the data sets are verified or data loading is required.

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftrondata's simplicity

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Have an easy data preparation and provisioning

Robust Data Preparation Architecture

Lyftrondata speeds up the data preparation process so that the focus is less on cleaning the data and more on gaining insights in the shortest time possible. It’s used to merge different data sources with different structures and different levels of data quality into a clean, consistent format.

Centralized Data Model

With a centralized information system, users only need to go to one place to find the data they seek. The collaborative data modeling, self-service data preparation and instant logical data warehousing allow different departments to work together and deliver fast. Ensure you get all the information at one place, so you focus on nothing but the results.

Governed Self-Service Data Access

Based on business needs, IT teams could build the data pipelines and ETL from various source systems to the data warehouse or data lakes. With Lyftrondata, users can access all the data from different regions in a data hub instantly, while IT can ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Reliable Data for Decision Making

Lyftrondata’s data preparation model aims to sanitize, advance, and structure the raw data generated from different sources. After processing this data, it provides a strong and solid reason for producing reports, establishing choices, and becoming a single source of truth for driving critical decision making.

Optimization of Human Talent

Many data-driven organizations invest a huge amount of time and resources in data preparation and circulation. With Lyftrondata, the cost, time and efforts that would be allocated in preparing the data could be redirected to tasks of greater relevance and complexity.

Agility for Innovation

With rewarding and handling speed, responses are consequently faster, permitting access to reports rapidly. With this, experiences and data readings should be possible quickly, and with the chance of communicating with different regions, producing incorporation and advancement.

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