What’s our uniqueness.

  • Automatic ANSI SQL Pipeline.
  • Analyze data instantly with BI and ML tools.
  • Our connectors automatically normalized the data from API, Json and XML formats.
  • Real-time sync, data catalog, data lineage and data governance.
  • Innovative data sharing & unlimited cloud compute.

A Comprehensive ANSI SQL Platform

We make BI and big data analytics work easier and faster. Lyftrondata gives you central view of data from multiple data sources to build modern data pipelines and replication on the fly along with advanced security, data governance and transformation with simple ANSI SQL.

With features like these, we empower data-driven businesses and BI specialists to solve big data issues. Watch the video to learn how we do it!

Time to Insight Shorten by 75%
  • Lyftrondata manages a Data Pipeline that unifies all data sources to a single format and loads the data to a target Data Warehouse, which is used by BI tools.
  • Lyftrondata’s unique feature is a Normalized SQL Data Pipeline in the middle of the data transformation process.
  • All data sources are virtually treated like SQL databases and are transformed by defining virtual data sets and views.
From Legacy to Next-gen Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Lyftrondata Hub works as a pass-through SQL proxy to multiple databases and data sources.
  • Both the legacy DW and cloud DW are connected to Lyftrondata, BI tools are switched to use Lyftrondata as a data source.
  • Lyftrondata accepts SQL queries, translates them and forwards them (pushes down) to the legacy data ware-house or Snowflake.
  • As a result, the data warehouse may be migrated step-by-step.
Database Migration Made Easy
  • Migration with lyft-and-shift approach is possible in 10 days, independent of the database size (number of tables).
  • All data pipelines in Lyftrondata are defined in SQL.This concept enables scripting all data pipelines, and therefore there’s no need to build them manually.
  • Data pipelines may be automatically scripted instead of building them manually in a visual designer.
Run Queries 1000x Faster
  • Lyftrondata is used as an SQL proxy that translates SQL queries on the fly. This feature is used when a cube is defined in Lyftrondata.
  • Aggregated queries with GROUP BY and joins are rewritten on the fly to use smaller, preaggregated materialized views.
  • Lyftrondata maintains materialized views for frequently queried combinations of joins and grouping conditions.
Any Scale of Data, From Any Source to all BI tools
  • Lyftrondata works as an SQL proxy (a semantic data layer) between BI tools and cloud DW.
  • Lyftrondata is wire compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and uses Transact-SQL dialect.
  • MSSQL drivers are widely supported by all BI tools on the market.
  • Business users could even connect directly from Microsoft Excel to cloud DW through Lyftrondata, without installing any ODBC drivers, because SQL Server drivers are already preinstalled on Windows.
Logical Data Warehousing & Full ELT Push Down Capabilities
  • Lyftrondata converts any source data into normalized structure of ANSI Sql and pushes down the data pipeline processing as an ELT to the native cloud data warehouse.
  • Aggregated queries with GROUP BY and joins are rewritten on the fly to use smaller, preaggregated materialized views.
  • Lyftrondata maintains materialized views for frequently queried combinations of joins and grouping conditions.
Scaled and Agile Data Delivery Framework
  • Get assurance that you can sync and access your real-time data in sub-seconds using any BI tool you like.
  • Universal Data Catalog Tag-Based search enables users to have a full control on their data catalog and do the search with ease.
  • Amplify your information governance with a robust data lineage model with high quality controls and governance mechanisms.
  • Lyftrondata supports governed data lake which acts as an anti-corruption layer, allows nested tagging by resource groups and ensures effective and efficient use of data.
Innovative Data Sharing Feature
  • Lyftrondata modern architecture provides row and column level access security to the users so, it would make it easy to share your data without writing any single piece of code with other team.
  • Within minutes, without writing any API, FTP, or email transfers now enterprises can share any data with consumers, different departments and customers.
  • With Lyftrondata's robust and secure Data Sharing you can enable governance on your data hub and easily maintain one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many relationships with your customers & partners.
Hybrid Cloud Management and Migration
  • Build a hybrid cloud data warehouse that acts as a data bridge between leading cloud platforms, on-premise data warehouses and data sources.
  • With Lyftrondata, users can access all the data from different regions in a data hub instantly and migrate from legacy databases to a modern data warehouse without worrying about coding data pipelines manually.
  • The data loading part should be responsible for keeping the data synchronized across databases, while the data bridge would let BI tools execute SQL queries across the cloud boundary.
Enterprise-Wide Data Catalog and Data Lineage
  • Lyftrondata enables full database objects search guided by the principles of tagging, alias, and data set definition.
  • Lyftrondata’s architecture empowers data analysts to collaborate with ease.
  • The data lineage process is also simplified, enaling teams to bring in visibility for data sets usage on various stages and maintain a healthy warehouse.

Lyftrondata pipeline architecture

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