Make better and quicker data migration decision

Migrate to the Next-Gen Cloud Data Warehouse & Lake without missing a beat with the automatic pipeline. Make better, quicker business decisions. Give all your analytics users all the insights, all the security from all your data, when they need it, to advance your business.

The simple, agile data migration process

A modern data migration process for modern analytics. Lyftrondata is helping data-driven enterprises to successfully and quickly move workloads from legacy data warehouse to the cloud, at low cost, time and effort with our free Lyftrondata Migration tool.

To utilize the full data potential, a modern data platform must democratize data management and let users find, manage and share the data they need on the cloud. Lyftrondata supports Lyft & Shift and Phase data migration approach to help the enterprises become data-driven and make faster decisions.

Lyft & Shift approach: With this approach, enterprises quickly benefit and are able to deliver the new solution in as quickly as one-two months. With this approach, data doesn’t physically move from the data source. Lyftrondata performs a logical data warehousing concept and lets the enterprise build a universal data model on the Lyftrondata platform which standardizes the data stack into a confirmed ANSI SQL layer. Lyftrondata eventually acts as a proxy between your legacy sources and your analytics platform.

Phase Migration approach: With this approach, Lyftrondata enables enterprises to move the data physically to the target data warehouse. This approach normally takes a longer time as it involves decisions concerning architecture, migration pattern, security criteria, access rights, field-level mapping, and data quality mechanism. Once the migration is complete, Lyftrondata enables the enterprises to compare the legacy platform to the modern platform to make sure that migration was 100% successful by comparing data types, schema names, and data thats been moved.

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With our intuitive and simple tool, it makes your data migration journey easy. Simply use our data migration wizard, and in just a few clicks you can easily build your migration pipelines automatically with zero code and zero infrastructure.

Make better data decisions with our wizard-based migration

Load your data without affecting your budget. Simply use our free data migration product to move your data to Lyftrondata warehouse, Snowflake and other data warehouses.

Create all of your data migration workloads in a few minutes

Accelerate your time to migrate 50X faster with Lyftrondata's automatic data migration pipeline. Connect with many popular data sources to help with your migration needs.

Enable data engineers to save time and increase efficiency

Boost the productivity of your data professionals and shorten your time to value in order to deliver modern and integrated data solutions swiftly from anywhere in your organization.

Instant migration to the cloud to provide budget saving

Migrate a legacy data warehouse either as a single Lift-Shift-Modernize operation or as a staged approach. Use bulk data loading for on-premise and cloud databases. Our tool has the capability to reuse and adjust your migration template even after all of the data is migrated.

Unlimited data accessibility to eliminate data silos

Identify the data silos in the source platform and break them down to accelerate your data migration journey. Elimination of data silos makes up all aspects of the data lifecycle: moving, storing, processing and retrieval, and ensures users get access to real-time insights in no time.

Integrations you need to accelerate your migration

Connect 150+ data sources and set up continuous data synchronization of selected data to Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse or any other database. Create a global Data Catalog of all valuable data sources.

Get started in minutes, not months, with these agile steps. Zero code & zero setups required.

  • Extract your data
  • Auto normalize your data
  • Analyze your data
  • Load your data to warehouse
  • Visualize your data with BI tools
  • Share your data

Integrate your data with Lyftrondata instantly and blend with 150+ other sources

Data extraction with Lyftrondata is easy. Be up and moving in minutes. Without any help from developers, Lyftrondata enables you to choose your most valuable data and pulls it from all your connected data sources in just a few click.

Business Analyst

I feel more aligned with the agile process as now I can analyze any data without worrying about any technical know how.

Empower your analytics with out-of-the-box relational data model

Once the data is extracted, you could ingest it to the data warehouse or BI tool of your choice with zero coding required. Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source data into a normalized structure of ANSI SQL and push down the data pipeline processing as an ELT to the native cloud data warehouse.

Data Analyst

I have a better control on the data analysis process as now I can run rapid fast queries against the API’s which I never thought possible.

Built for the agile data culture for your data

Next, analyze massive volumes of this real-time data in visualization tools and get instant answers to your store performance. Over 100 integrations empower you to use your favorite tools to map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.

Data Architect

I am able to do the architecture and requirement gathering by simply writing ANSI Sql queries for the API sources which use to be the taboos for me.

Load your data into your warehouse or lake instantly

Transform your growth metrics by combining your sales and marketing data. Joining tables, renaming metrics and mathematical calculations result in a deeper and more complex data structure than the raw data.

ETL Developer

I am able to build my data pipeline in few clicks and load billions of records to my warehouse and also able to do cross platform joins on the API sources with ease.

Analyze your data from any BI/ML tools

Visualize and explore your data metrics in beautifully designed dashboards or any BI tool such as Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Excel, Google spreadsheet. Get insights across products, channels, customers, and more.

BI Analyst

I have a better response from the BI reports and able to connect with API/Json/XML based sources in just fewer clicks.

Data sharing is data caring

Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Share these data sets with other experts with zero code and drive better insights and user experience. This data sharing ability is perfect for companies who want to store their data once, share it with other experts and use it multiple times, now and in the future. We build the best data sharing process around your data stack. So say goodbye to the complex API, FTP and Email manual data sharing processes and simply onboard your consumers to the Lyftrondata platform in just a few minutes.

Our Agile Team

We are in full control of our data exchange process and easily able to share the data instantly and collaborate with teams with ease without worrying about writing complex API, FTP, Email for data sharing.
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