Shorten data preparation for Excel

Lyftron changes the way how data is prepared for Excel. Data from all data sources is accessible instantly in one place, a virtual data warehouse. Data loading to a target data warehouse is delayed until it is necessary.

Reduce time to insights

Accelerated data preparation for Excel

Lyftron is a Data Hub for Analytics that is a central place to find all data, create shared data sets and manage data replication to a Data Warehouse in one place.

Find All Data in One Place

Register all data sources in one place. Connect to databases or countless business and social platforms. Use a single data source for Excel with all data.

Replicate in a few Clicks

Define data pipelines that replicate selected data to cloud and on-premise data warehouses. Replicate whole databases without creating ETL data flows.

Share Data Sets

Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Encourage collaboration in data management to avoid data transformation logic hidden in Periscope.

Reduce Dependency on IT

Empower data savvy users in data management tasks. Let them manage their own virtual section of the data warehouse and define data sets for analytics.

Combine Disparate Data

Join different data sources in real-time or materialize join data sets. Go beyond limitations of Excel in joining across different sources.

Engage Business Early

Do not delay consulting results with stakeholders because a data warehouse must be loaded. Prototype dashboards on real-time data sets and optimize later.

Bring agility to data management

Go beyond the limitations of traditional data warehousing and democratize the data management. Add a Logical Data Warehouse across data sources and the target Data Warehouse. Manage all data in one place, query all data with SQL and use in Excel.

Lyftron logical data warehouse

Lyftron is a central Data Hub for analytics that aggregates all source and target databases in one place. Lyftron is not just yet another ETL tool that loads data to another database.  Lyftron architecture goes beyond and enables real-time SQL queries to data sources by simulating a database. The SQL Interface in Lyftron simulates SQL Server protocol and translates Transact-SQL queries to data sources. For analytics tools, Lyftron looks like a huge data warehouse on SQL Server, that has all data sources available instantly for analytics. Simply, use SQL Server drivers (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET) to query any data from all analytics tools.

Real-time Analytics

Query all data sources with simulated Transact-SQL. Get real-time data from data warehouses or source systems during prototyping and data modelling.

Smart Data Pre-aggregation

Accelerate slow queries by materializing their results. Define pre-aggregates with joins, groupings and filtering that are 1000x smaller then original data. Turn any data warehouse into a virtual OLAP cube.

Instant In-memory Analytics

Create a virtual data warehouse without even setting up a target data warehouse. Start with a single node build-in Apache Spark and scale it up to a whole Data Lake after measuring a required cluster size.

Global Data Catalog

Describe all essential data sources and data sets in the data catalog. Use the self-service interface to find the right data.

Data Security

Transparently apply row-access security and dynamic data masking to any data source. Authenticate with Windows Integrated Security (Kerberos) from Excel when using any data source.

Data Lineage Tracking

Track down all data sets that will be affected by a change to a table or a column. Find out which source tables and columns are used in any data set, even if it is based on multiple other data sets.

Learn how Lyftron can help

Business Intelligence Acceleration

Learn how a combination of a data pipeline with a Logical Data Warehouse shortens Business Intelligence projects 4x.

Business Intelligence Acceleration

Build a Logical Data Warehouse across data sources. Let analysts find, define and share data sets. Combine replicated and real-time data.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Learn how to smoothly migrate to a new data warehouse and also change the way how users are finding and accessing data.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Move to a new Data Warehouse step-by-step. Create a modern Data Hub for Analytics that shortens the time to insights.

Hybrid Cloud Data Warehousing

Learn how to overcome the challenges of Hybrid Cloud connectivity across Data Warehouses, data sources and SaaS BI tools.

Hybrid Cloud Data Warehousing

Fedeza simulates SQL Server and will serve as a bridge for SaaS BI tools. Manage all data in one place and replicate to the Cloud when needed.

Load data to multiple data warehouses to speed up analytics with Excel

Join Excel with any source and create your data hub in minutes


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