Snowflake Vs Yellowbrick

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Powerful data management- A task ahead

Data is quite aptly called the currency of the future. It is something that is driving everything in the world. It is one of the most important and indispensable commodities. An explosion of data has enabled companies to deal with customers effectively.

What is Yellowbrick?

It is a suite of visual diagnostic tools called “Visualisers” that extend the scikit-learn API to allow human steering of the model selection process. In a nutshell, it combines scikit-learn with matplotlib in the best tradition of the scikit-learn documentation, but to produce visualizations for your machine learning workflow.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a powerful relational database management system. It’s an analytical data warehouse for both structured and semi-structured data that follows SaaS model. It is fast, User friendly and offers more flexibility than traditional Warehouse. It uses an SQL database engine with a unique architecture specially designed for clouds.

Yellowbrick vs Snowflake

In this era where data is inevitably important, there is a need to look for software that could help companies get profit and customers.
Attributes Snowflake Yellowbrick
Data Integration
ETL/ELT concept in data integration
Quick to deploy,easy to expand, and simple to manage.
Data compression
Gzip compression efficiency
ANSI SQL and ACID reliability.
Data quality
With tools like Talend, provides data management with real-time speed
Analyze real-time data and mine deep historical data for high quality insights
Built-in-data analytics
A single platform that creates analytics on cloud
It replaces ineffective SQL-on-Hadoop with proven real time analytics
SQL dialect like ‘intelligent miner and ‘oracle’is being used.
Provides parallel processing MPP data ware and SQL Analytics
Data lake analytics
Global snowflake turns data lake into data ocean.
Data lake with a modern, real-time enterprise analytics environment.
AI/ML Integration
Driverless A1 Automated machine learning inflows.
MPP analytic database designed to run on NVMe flash drives.
BI tool Integration
Built-for-cloud warehouse deliver efficient BI solution
Organizations can perform adhoc BI queries from applications like Tableau
Data Lake Integration
It is a modern data lake
It lets you query data in multiple formats.
Enable sharing through shares between read-only
Hybrid cloud data warehouse share reports and perform task.
Data Security
Role-Based Access Control authorization
Encrypts data at rest and in motion
Data Storage
Uses a new SQL database.
A hybrid storage engine for both row and column storage.
Backup and recovery
Does with virtual warehouse and querying from clone
Eliminates the burden of backups, disaster recovery and hosting activities.


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What to choose: Snowflake or Yellowbrick

There is an abundance of similarities between the two solutions. There are additional unique capabilities and other functionalities that come with each platform. For running the data analytically completely on the cloud they provide good options. Yellow Bricks dramatically improves analytics performance while cutting costs and providing a path to the cloud.

Snowflake offers cloud-based data storage and analytics in the form of Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse. It helps users to analyze and store data using cloud-based hardware and software. It has network isolating options and boasts Always-on-Encryption. It supports both structured and semi-structured data. Concurrency scaling has been an inseparable part of this software.

Yellowbricks seem to be advantageous to use as it stays relevant while others struggle for that. Cloud-only options like Snowflakes suffer from reliance on VMS running hardware, Yellow Brick shatters ceilings on price/performance, and deployment flexibility across on-premises and cloud environments.

Lyftron a boon to data management warehouses

  • Democratized data management.
  • It helps in combining other data sources to the target data Warehouse.
  • It perfectly integrates the data and enables data masking and encryption to handle sensitive data.
  • It provides a data management platform for rapid data preparation with agility combining it with the modern data pipeline.
  • It empowers business users, to make a busy-business and solving data-driven business problems.
  • It reduces the workload, prototyping tools while optimization, offload data, and clarity on data.

Lyftron use cases

  • Data Lake:

    Lyftron combines the power of high-level performance and cloud data warehousing to build a modern, enterprise-ready data lake.

  • Data Migration:

    Lyftron allows you to migrate a legacy data warehouse either as a single LIFT-SHIFT-MODERNIZE operation or as a staged approach.

  • BI Acceleration:

    Scales your BI limitlessly. Query any amount of data from any source and drive valuable insights for critical decision making and business growth.

  • Master Data Management:

    Lyftron enables you to work with chosen web service platformS and manage large data volumes at an unprecedented low cost and effort.

  • Application Acceleration:

    Application acceleration With Lyftron you can boost the performance of your application at an unprecedented speed, high security, and substantially lower costs.

  • IoT:

    Powerful analytics and decision making at the scale of IoT. Drive instant insights and value from all the data that IoT devices generate.

  • Data Governance:

    With Lyftron, you get a well-versed data governance framework to gain full control of your data, better data availability and enhanced security.

Lyftron delivers a data management platform that combines a modern data pipeline with agility for rapid data preparation. Lyftron connectors automatically convert any source data into the normalized, ready-to-query relational format and provide search capability on your enterprise data catalog. It eliminates traditional ETL/ELT bottlenecks with automatic data pipelines and makes data instantly accessible to BI users with the modern cloud compute of Spark & Snowflake.

It helps migrate data from any source easily to cloud data warehouses. If you have ever experienced a lack of data you needed, time to consuming report generation or long queue to your BI expert, consider Lyftron.


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