The G2 Summer recognized Lyftrondata as a high performer for modern data pipeline 2020 report

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There are many ETL/Modern Data Pipeline software solutions available to today’s businesses – from enterprise-level powerhouses to simple open-source integration suites. How do you go about choosing the right solution for your business? The G2 Summer 2020 ETL Grid report is making data integration tools selection simple. Download the report and compare Lyftrondata benefits against the most popular ETL vendors including Fivetran, Talend, Matillion, Informatica, Datastage, Denodo, and Stitch.

Access G2’s most recent Grid® Report by filling out the form.

Key take aways :

  • Profiles for each of the Modern Data Pipeline/ETL tools vendors
  • A brief on leaders, high performers, contenders, and niche vendors
  • Cumulative scores for each vendor along with the ratings
  • Lyftrondata Modern Data Hub ranked high among other industry leaders such as Fivetran, Talend, Matillion, Informatica, Datastage, Denodo, Stitch, etc.

Lyftrondata is recognized by G2 Crowd as a high performer in Modern Data Pipeline/ETL tools category  in the latest G2 Grid® Report for Summer 2020.

The G2 Summer 2020 report takes a user reviews-based approach to help businesses look at the market and make the best buying business decisions. It includes comparative ratings and scores of the major Modern Data Pipeline/ETL tools vendors of the industry.

Get your copy of Lyftrondata G2 2020 Summer report here

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