Data warehouse modernization

Move to a new Data Warehouse step-by-step. Create a modern Data Hub for analytics that shortens the time to insights.

Smoothly migrate the data warehouse

Universal data platform for analytics

Lyftrondata is a data layer for analytics that combines traditional data loading with Logical Data Warehousing to improve collaboration and simplify data management.

Migrate in a few clicks​

Migrate a legacy Data Warehouse either as a single Lift-Shift-Modernize operation or as a staged approach. Use bulk data loading to on-premise and cloud databases.​

Access all data instantly

Create a Virtual Data Warehouse and all data sources over the old and the new Data Warehouse, Query all data in one place, in real-time or using cached data.​

Empower data users​

Let data analysts and data scientists find and manage their data sets. Create a global Data Catalog of all valuable data sources.​

Data warehouse modernization

is not just migration to a new data warehouse

A modern data platform must also democratize data management and let users find, manage and share the data they need.

Data Sources

Explore our 130+ supported data sources that may be loaded, transformed, queried and combined.

Target Data Warehouses

Explore all target databases that are managed by Lyftrondata.

Modernize the data warehouse

The Data Modernization project with Lyftrondata starts with bulk data loading of selected data from the legacy Data Warehouse to the new database of choice. The Logical Data Warehouse layer of Lyftrondata provides parallel access to both Data Warehouses and all data sources in one place. The self-service data management portal empowers data savvy users in their routine tasks.

Query anything with SQL

Query any data using Transact-SQL and standard SQL Server drivers from any BI tool. Lyftrondata simulates SQL Server on the wire and translates queries on the fly. Let analysts use the technology that they already know.

Self-service data portal

Connect new data sources, create views or define data pipelines in a self-service data portal that is based on the usability concept of the Azure portal.

Avoid siloed logic

Data models and data transformation logic used to be hidden inside dashboards and known only to the authors. Centralize the data modelling in a self-service Virtual Data Warehouse and share data sets across BI tools and teams.

Improved data stack with Lyftrondata

Lyftrondata is a central Data Hub for analytics that aggregates all source and target databases in one place. Lyftrondata is not just another ETL tool that loads data to another database. Lyftrondata’s architecture goes beyond and enables real-time SQL queries to data sources by simulating a database. The SQL Interface in Lyftrondata simulates SQL Server protocol and translates Transact-SQL queries to data sources. For analytics tools, Lyftrondata looks like a huge data warehouse on SQL Server, that has all data sources available instantly for analytics. Simply, use SQL Server drivers (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET) to query any data from all analytics tools.

Query push-down

Query 130+ data sources and execute filtering, grouping and joining directly on the data source when possible. Limit the size of data transferred and enable complex data transformations in the data warehouse with a true Extract-Load-Transform.

Data federation

Create a single view of all data sources and data warehouses. Join disparate data sources in real-time or build federated views and materialize them to avoid data source overloading.

Query pre-aggregation

Accelerate queries to data cubes stored in relational databases. Create pre-aggregates with joins and groupings that are even 1000x smaller then fact tables. Virtually add pre-aggregation to any Data Warehouse.

Data Sources

Explore our 130+ supported data sources that may be loaded, transformed, queried and combined.

Target Data Warehouses

Explore all target databases that are managed by Lyftrondata.

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