Take data from any source and load to IBM DB2, analyze instantly

Lyftrondata replicates data from multiple data sources and manages data loading to IBM DB2 in minutes. Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source data into a normalized structure of ANSI SQL and push down the data pipeline processing as an ELT to the cloud data warehouse.

Lyftrondata shortens data preparation activities by letting data teams create virtual data sets first, evaluate the data, and delay the data loading until the data sets are verified or data loading is required.

How it works

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Normalization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Replication
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Sharing

Integrate your data with Lyftrondata instantly and blend with 150+ other sources

Data extraction with Lyftrondata is easy. Be up and moving in minutes. Without any help from developers, Lyftrondata enables you to choose your most valuable data and pulls it from all your connected data sources in just one click.
Business Analyst

"I feel more aligned with the agile process as now I can analyze any data without worrying about any technical know how. "

Empower your analytics with out-of-the-box relational data model

Connect any API, Json, XML and automatically analyze it with ANSI SQL and load it to IBM DB2. Once the data is extracted, you could ingest it to IBM DB2 or BI tool of your choice with zero coding required. Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source data into normalized structure of ANSI Sql and push down the data pipeline processing as an ELT to the native cloud data warehouse.

Data Analyst

"I have a better control on the data analysis process as now I can run rapid fast queries against the API’s which I never thought possible."

Built for the agile data culture for your data

Next, analyze massive volumes of this real-time data in visualization tools and get instant answers to your store performance. Over 100 integrations empower you to use your favorite tools to map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.
Data Architect

" I am able to do the architecture and requirement gathering by simply writing ANSI Sql queries for the API sources which use to be the taboos for me."

Load your data into your warehouse or lake instantly

Transform your growth metrics by combining your data and your delta automatically. Joining tables, renaming metrics and mathematical calculations result in a deeper and more complex data structure than the raw data.

ETL Developer

" I am able to build my data pipeline in few clicks and load billions of records to my warehouse and also able to do cross platform joins on the API sources with ease."

Load your data into your warehouse or lake instantly

Build delta lake on the IBM DB2 and save thousands of engineering hours and significantly reduce total cost of ownership. The platform handles all the infrastructure development, empowering users to skip engineering work and go straight to analysis.

BI Analyst

" I have a better response from the BI reports and able to connect with API/Json/XML based sources in just fewer clicks. "

Data sharing is data caring

Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Share these data sets with other experts through APIs and drive better insights and user experience. This data sharing ability is perfect for companies who want to store their data once, share it with other experts and use it multiple times, now and in future.

Our Agile Team

" We are in full control of our data exchange process and easily able to share the data instantly and collaborate with teams with ease without worrying about writing complex API, FTP, Email for data sharing. "

Let’s get personal: See Lyftrondata on your data in a live Demo

Schedule a free, no-strings-attached demo to discover how Lyftrondata can radically simplify data lake ETL in your organization.

What you get

Query API data with SQL familiar syntax

With Lyftrondata, avoid creating time-consuming code and use your very own SQL to query any data, both structured and semi-structured. Its modern data architecture supports automatic zero code Json/XML/API parsing to relational format. Analyze instantly with ANSI and make your data lake work for you.

Lyftrondata's emulation of Microsoft SQL Server allows any client supporting connectivity to SQL Server to connect to Lyftrondata.

Emulation delivers compatibility with the following SQL Server features:

  • Metadata model exposed by SQL Server, including metadata catalog, system views, stored procedures, and functions
  • SQL dialect supported by SQL Server
  • Tabular Data Stream network protocol as described in Microsoft TDS documentation
  • Data types and conversions, where all data types are normalized automatically into equivalent SQL Server data types
  • Procedural programming constructs: IF, WHILE, DECLARE
  • Temporary tables (stored in-memory)
  • Selected SQL session environment variables
  • Security model supported by SQL Server
  • Authentication using Windows Integrated Authentication and SQL Server Standard Authentication (Mixed Mode)
  • Job scheduling model and accompanying stored procedures

Lyftrondata easy-to-implement transformation functions supported for

  • Aggregate

  • Analytical

  • Azure Cognitive AI

  • Date & Time

  • Expression

  • Math

  • Metadata

  • Ranking

  • String

  • System

  • Data Parsing

  • Tabular

  • Data Encryption

Secure your sensitive data with our encryption functions

Lyftrondata comes with a built-in enterprise data governance framework complying with all of the necessary rules and tools that your team needs to successfully operationalize your program. Amplify your information governance with a robust data lineage model that follows high-quality controls and governance mechanisms.

Perform complex transformations

Skip writing long complex APIs, and transform instantly with SQL. Define data transformations as a standard SQL. Lyftrondata pushes down SQL to data sources and the cloud, making it easy for all users to access the information they need in a timely fashion

Quickly apply complex joins

Apply high cardinality joins between API sources, S3, Blobs and database, without heavily relying on the BI and data engineering teams to set up complex and time-consuming ETLs.

Easily query data from S3, Blob, Json, Xml like a table

Eliminate traditional ETL/EDW bottlenecks by auto- normalizing API/Json/XML/S3/Blob/NoSql sources into ready-to-query relational format. Focus on boosting the productivity of your data professionals and shorten your time to value.

Federate data sources like actual database

Take a leap from data federation technology and focus on performance optimization as well as self-service search and discovery. Spend more time analyzing data than searching for it.

State-of-the-art facial recognition API

Perform Azure cognitive AI access with our face recognition API function. Be on the top of technology, and use cognitive services that bring AI within reach of every developer—without requiring machine-learning expertise.

Easily auto extract Json, XML schemas into relational format

Now no need to write any complex API, rest services, JSON and XML parsing jobs. Lyftrondata takes care of all these it converts any data into relational format and allow you to query it with simple ANSI SQL.

Let’s get personal: See Lyftrondata on your data in a live Demo

Schedule a free, no-strings-attached demo to discover how Lyftrondata can radically simplify data lake ETL in your organization.

Business benefits for data-driven enterprises

Real-time Sync

Ensure all your data is being continuously synced to IBM DB2 in real-time without impacting on your system sources.

Performance and Effectiveness

Experience high-speed performance, as Lyftrondata architecture does not process the data row by row, like traditional ETL products, but performs set and bulk operations in a single go.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Control the existing power of DBMS hardware engines, rather than depending on external staging servers & scale with ease.

Codeless Development Environment

Allows users to integrate all types of data without writing any code through a codeless development environment, increasing the developer’s productivity.

Prebuilt Transformation templates

Use default templates for common transformations like Star Schema and integration techniques eliminating time spent on tedious tasks.

Data Parsing

Complex Data Parsing capabilities are built into the tool – Access and parse complex data types including Weblogs, JSON, and XML files.

Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Connect any BI tool using build-in SQL Server drivers through a fully simulated SQL Server protocol. Bridge a connection from SaaS BI tools to on-premise data and the on-premise Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Comprehensive Analytics

Access advanced reports for better insights on your IBM DB2 Database Warehouse data. Get insights across products, channels, customer lifetime value, and more

Secured Access

Maintain protected and resiliency against constant cyber threats through our secured Lyftrondata architecture

Data Liberation

All your business data, normalized and organized, at one place unifies your business structure

Productive Teams

No more double-checking your data. Save time, cost, resources and efforts

Data Compliance

Our data security framework provides the peace of mind that your data is safe and risk-free.


Automated schema creation, versioning and history


Automated creation of table and views for data management

No Duplication

Avoid duplication of data with our modern framework which matches data with previously loaded records


Run API or Batch clients securely on-premise or in the cloud

Automatic Scaling

Auto-scaling from a few to hundred to many billions of events

Lyftrondata Warehouse

We handle data management, processing, and query optimization to your target warehouse

How we do it

Bulk loading to IBM DB2

Bulk loading to IBM DB2

Lyftrondata enables bulk loading and realtime streaming to load the data into IBM DB2 in just few clicks. Just create the connection, create the database and then Lyftrondata automatically create the data pipeline to load the data into IBM DB2.

Realtime sync

Realtime sync

Lyftrondata allows data replication based on timestamp and source field selection. You can choose the incremental or full load and schedule the job. Lyftrondata will ensure that your source data is sync with IBM DB2.

Handling sensitive data

Handling sensitive data

Lyftrondata empowers enterprises to do data masking and encryption at the field level and you can control the security as well.

Integrate any data source

Integrate any data source

Connect to supported data source Marketing Cloud and import metadata. Register essential data sets in the catalog and begin real-time analytics.

Transform with SQL

Transform with SQL

Transform or filter the data using SQL that is translated to source data. Combine the data with other data sources.

Migrate step by step

Migrate step by step

Migration to IBM DB2 is possible in a couple of steps. Connect legacy data warehouses as data sources and use the SQL Interface to access data from all data warehouses.

Query with SQL in real-time

Query with SQL in real-time

Not all data sources must be replicated to a data warehouse to be usable for analytics. Use SQL for any data source and also query data in real-time.

Use any BI tool

Use any BI tool

Lyftrondata fully simulates SQL Server on the wire so you can use standard SQL Server drivers available in all BI tools and query Load data from sources to IBM DB2 in minutes or combine it with other data sources.

Accelerate BI by prototyping

Accelerate BI by prototyping

Shorten BI projects by 4x with a simple trick. First define all required data sets virtually. Build the dashboards on real-time data, consult with business users and replicate the data only when required.

Learn how Lyftrondata can change your data strategy

Data Migration
Data Engineering
Data Sharing
Universal Data Model
Data Application
Data Warehouse Modernization
BI Acceleration
Governed data lake
Data Sourcing for SaaS BI
Data Virtualization
Data Replication


Lyftrondata supports Lyft, Shift and Phase migration approach which enables enterprises to migrate from legacy platforms to IBM DB2 with ease and allows point existing database connection to Lyftrondata. Thereby, Lyftrondata act as an intermediate layer until the migration is fully complete.

Lyftrondata Pipeline manages connections to data sources and loads data to IBM DB2 All transformations are defined in standard SQL and pushed down to IBM DB2

Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source into the normalized, ready-to-query relational format and provide search capability on your enterprise data catalog.

Avoid needless delays in data preparation. Define virtual data sets on source data. Verify and load to IBM DB2 when required. Lyftrondata shortens data preparation activities by letting data teams create logical data sets first, evaluate the data, and delay the data loading until the data sets are verified or data loading is required.

No drivers or new skills are needed to run queries on any data. Fully simulated Transact-SQL interface (wire compatible with SQL Server) enables bridged queries to IBM DB2.

Lyftrondata takes a unique approach to load data into IBM DB2 by utilizing the new data streaming API available in IBM DB2. Data is loaded from the data source, data transformations are applied on the fly as SQL expressions and the transformed data is streamed directly to IBM DB2. The data is loaded without any delays and without the need to manage any space for temporary files.

Additionally, Lyftrondata may push down selected SQL transformation directly to data sources to reduce the amount of data that must be transferred.

Not at all! Lyftrondata prebuilt connectors automatically convert JSON, XML, API to normalized structure and provides ready-to-query schemas and full search on data catalog.

Analyze any data size in more than 35 visualization tools! The agile-data delivery model could process trillions of rows, tables and delivers unmatched BI performance and limitless scalability for IBM DB2 users. Run real-time SQL queries on any data source. Create data sets and share them between teams and analytics tools.
The whole process right from the integration to produce actionable insights, happens in less than 4 minutes- promising a time optimization by 75%.

Lyftrondata enables enterprise-level security with a built-in security model and support for standard security frameworks and protocols. Its embedded security system allows data masking, field-level restrictions and architecture that automatically scales up and down.

Yes, absolutely!
With Lyftrondata modern data pipeline, you could have access to all your data points, make analysis simple for all stakeholders, and gain a holistic view of your IBM DB2 data without any technical limitations.

Through a governed embeddable data discovery model, users could search, tag, alias, and enrich your data with ease. The powerful agile-based platform enables enterprises to transforms messy and unstructured data to facilitate and enhance their analysis.

Lyftrondata modern data hub offers logical data warehouse where data is stored once and utilize the memory compute for transformation, loading and standardization. Data virtualization offer store users a single interface -often based on SQL -to access data in multiple places or formats.

Lyftrondata integrates data virtualization, manages the unified data for centralized security, and delivers real-time data for best class performance. Lyftrondata provides a common abstraction over any data source type, shielding users from its complexity and back-end technologies it operates on. It relies on views that allow SAP HANA users to integrate data on the fly.

Lyftrondata supports all the high performing big data warehouses like Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Azure, HDInsights, Databricks, etc. and next-gen cloud data warehouses like Redshift, Google Big Query and Azure SQL DW.

Lyftrondata supports Lyft, Shift and Phase migration approach which enables users to rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely manage their hybrid environment.

Please write to us at [email protected] for details related to pricing.

No, Lyftrondata will help you create Data Pipeline automatically and let you analyze the data instantly with ANSI SQL and BI tools.

No, Lyftrondata will help you connect with your API and normalize your API JSON output automatically so you can focus on your business and Lyftrondata will take care of the data pipeline.

Lyftrondata is providing out-of-the-box data warehouse star schema design, and BI dashboard for the consumers. So, you can just use our Snowflake express solution to build your new analytics platform in no time.

Yes, Lyftrondata will provide pre-built pipelines for Stage as well as Data Warehouse.

Lyftrondata will provide you with automatic data lineage and tag based search which will populate our data catalog engine. So, anybody like business users, data analysts or engineers can search all their objects with ease.

No, Lyftrondata allows JSON parsing function so, you can directly use simple select syntax and have your JSON data extracted quickly as shown on this query here

JSON_PATH(LineAggregate, ‘$.[0].id’) ,JSON_PATH(LineAggregate, ‘$.[0].variant_id’),
LineAggregate from
(select top 1 * from [Snowflake_GeniusMinds].[Snowflake].[Orders]) as orders

Lyftrondata has robust column level security which will help you choose the access based on roles and user and only the users you choose will get the access on pipeline, database, table or column.

No, you are fully covered with Lyftrondata auto sync feature which help you choose delta field, select the frequency and Lyftrondata will take care of the rest.


Want more information about how to solve your biggest data warehousing challenges? Visit our resource center to explore all of our informative and educational ebooks, case studies, white papers, videos and much more.

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