Data meets data virtualization in modern data architecture

Lyftrondata provides logical data warehouses, data virtualization and self-service data preparation for Agile Business Intelligence. Make BI Analytics, Cloud & Big Data work easier and faster.

The modern data virtualization and integration solution

Data Virtualization (DV) enables Logical Data Warehouses (LDW). Data virtualization tools offer users a single interface — often based on SQL — to access data in multiple places or formats.

The LDW technology that resides in Lyftrondata allows for a new approach and new flexibility when it comes to managing the data lake. With the LDW architecture, it is difficult to connect with the sources in real-time and drive actionable insights. Why build a data lake if we can develop and model directly using data sources?

Lyftrondata integrates data virtualization, manages the unified data for centralized security, and delivers real-time data for best class performance. Lyftrondata provides a common abstraction over any data source type, shielding users from its complexity and back-end technologies it operates on. It relies on views that allow users to integrate data on the fly.

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftrondata's simplicity


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Liberate the process of data management and integration

Logical Data Layer

Lyftrondata acts as a data layer for analytics that combines traditional data loading with logical data warehousing to improve collaboration and deliver data-driven results needed to handle huge data.

Data Management Made Easy

Lyftrondata’s enterprise-grade data virtualization helps to simplify the data management process through a centralized secured layer and empowers users to search, catalog, and govern the unified data.

Real-time Actionable Insights

Data consumers access real-time information for a huge volume of data coming from any source, at any time, and get a holistic view of their enterprise for critical decision making.

Bridging Structured and Unstructured

Connect the semantic contrasts of unstructured and organized data with modern data architecture, and develop immediate access to all the data required for actionable insights.

Go Far Beyond Data Federation

Take a leap from data federation technology and focus on performance optimization, as well as self-service search and discovery. Spend more time analyzing data than searching for it.

Sophisticated Data Integration

Access varied data sources and deliver the datasets and IT-curated data services foundation for nearly any industry.

Embrace data innovation with data monetization

Simply convert your data into a monetization revenue system by enabling your customers, employees, suppliers, providers, and consumers to utilize a secure agile platform for their data transfer. Gone are the days when enterprises shared the data by writing custom API, use FTP process and email for data exchange. Lyftrondata gives any organization the ability to securely share data, and receive shared data, while eliminating the cost and headache of traditional data sharing methods. You can create your own data hub with secure access to live and governed data. You control who provides the data, who can view the data, and who can access the data.

Lyftrondata provides better security and governance of your data to enable enterprises to share with ease. Lyftrondata Sharing Hub acts as an enterprise data security layer where enterprises can control how they want to share their data. Lyftrondata provides an easy and secure way for organizations to become data providers, and therefore, monetize their data to create new revenue streams. In addition, every Lyftrondata customer has access to the Lyftrondata Data Providers, where they can acquire third-party data, combine it with their own data, and gain a level of insight not possible before. Just imagine if all the barriers to sharing and monetizing data disappeared. What new insights and opportunities would emerge that would transform your organization?

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