Simple codeless connectivity to any API

Connect BI, Reporting, & ETL tools to live data from any application, database, or Web API. Built on the same robust SQL engine that powers other Lyftrondata Drivers, the Lyftrondata API Driver enables simple codeless query access to APIs through a single client interface.

Simple codeless connectivity to any API

Lyftrondata is not just yet another ETL tool that loads data to another database. Lyftrondata’s architecture goes beyond and enables real-time SQL queries to data sources by simulating a database. Query all data sources with simulated Transact-SQL. Get real-time data from data warehouses or source systems during prototyping and data modeling. Experience the reliability, scalability, performance, and security powering leading data integration solutions.

Pre-configured API Profiles
API Profiles extend the Lyftrondata API Driver with connectivity to all types of APIs and services. Users can download and install any of the pre-defined profiles below, extend these API Profiles with custom logic, or easily build new profiles to target new applications and services.

Simple, codeless, automated API relational data models

What you get

Query API data with SQL familiar syntax

With Lyftrondata, avoid creating time-consuming code and use your very own SQL to query any data, both structured and semi-structured. Its modern data architecture supports automatic zero code JSON/XML/API parsing to relational format. Analyze instantly with ANSI and make your data lake work for you. Lyftrondata's emulation of Microsoft SQL Server allows any client supporting connectivity to SQL Server to connect to Lyftron.

Easily auto-extract JSON, XML schemas into relational format

Now no need to write any complex API, rest services, JSON, and XML parsing jobs. Lyftrondata takes care of all these, it converts any data into a relational format and allows, you to query it with simple ANSI SQL.​

Emulation compatibility with SQL Server

  • Metadata model exposed by SQL Server, including metadata catalog, system views, stored procedures, and functions.
  • SQL dialect supported by SQL Server.
  • Tabular Data Stream network protocol as described in Microsoft TDS documentation.
  • Data types and conversions, where all data types are normalized automatically into equivalent SQL Server data types.

Secure your sensitive data with our encryption functions

Lyftrondata comes with a built-in enterprise data governance framework complying with all of the necessary rules and tools that your team needs to successfully operationalize your program. Amplify your information governance with a robust data lineage model that follows high-quality controls and governance mechanisms.

Perform complex transformations

Skip writing long complex APIs, and transform instantly with SQL. Define data transformations as a standard SQL. Lyftrondata pushes down SQL to data sources and the cloud, making it easy for all users to access the information they need in a timely fashion.

Quickly apply complex joins

Apply high cardinality joins between API sources, S3, Blob and database, without heavily relying on the BI and data engineering teams to set up complex and time-consuming ETLs.

Easily query data from S3, Blob, JSON, Xml like a table

Eliminate traditional ETL/EDW bottlenecks by auto- normalizing API/JSON/XML/S3/Blob/NoSql
sources into ready-to-query relational format. Focus on boosting the productivity of your data professionals and shorten your time to value.

Federate data sources like actual database

Take a leap from data federation technology and focus on performance optimization as well as self-service search and discovery. Spend more time analyzing data than searching for

State-of-the-art facial recognition API

Perform Azure cognitive AI access with our face recognition API function. Be on the top of technology, and use cognitive services that bring AI within reach of every developer—without requiring machine-learning expertise.

Emulation delivers compatibility with the following SQL Server features:

  • Procedural programming constructs: IF, WHILE, DECLARE
  • Temporary tables (stored in memory)
  • Selected SQL session environment variables
  • Security model supported by SQL Server
  • Authentication using Windows Integrated Authentication and SQL Server Standard Authentication (Mixed Mode)
  • Job scheduling model and accompanying stored procedures

Lyftrondata easy-to-implement transformation functions supported for

  • Aggregate

  • Analytical

  • Azure Cognitive AI

  • Date & Time

  • Expression

  • Math

  • Metadata

  • Ranking

  • String

  • System

  • Data Parsing

  • Tabular

  • Data Encryption

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