Enterprise grade data replication for Amazon Redshift

Replicate data from multiple sources and sync continuously with Amazon Redshift

Lyftrondata enables organisations to easily replicate data and incremental changes from multiple sources to Amazon S3, RDS or Redshift – continuously with Real Time Sync, SECURELY through advanced encryption and AFFORDABLY with the industry’s most cost effective licensing model.

  • Continuous data replication with real time sync.

  • Zero footprint architecture for lowest possible impact on source systems.

  • Enterprise grade security with advanced encryption options to protect your most sensitive data.

  • Automated data type mapping & data type integration.

  • Flexible deployment options.

  • Automated data type mapping & data type integration.

  • Click based user interface to eliminate the need to write any code or scripts.

Key application

One-off data migrations from legacy systems

Initial ingest

Incremental loading / change data capture

Enterprise grade modern data pipeline software for Amazon Redshift Replication

Your complete data preparation workbench - Engineered for

  • Intended, fabricated, and plotted for Amazon data replication

  • Snowflake processing for faster query performance

  • Codeless development environment

  • Integrated metadata views

  • Big data integration with Hadoop

  • Attractive and up-to-date user interface

  • Set and bulk operation processes

Real-Time data sync

Simplify Business Intelligence projects by collaborative data modeling, self-service data preparation, and instant Logical Data Warehousing.

User-friendly, simple GUI

Lyftrondata has user-friendly interface and is most intuitive, in just a couple of clicks you can load, transfer and replicate data to almost any platform. No need to have coding skills.


Lower infrastructure costs

Control the existing power of DBMS hardware engines, rather than depending on external staging servers & scale with ease.

Codeless development

Allows users to Integrate all types of data without writing any code through a codeless development environment increasing developer productivity.

High-speed performance

High speed performance – the technology does not work on data row by row like traditional ETL products, but does so in set and bulk operations.

Prebuilt transformation templates

Use default templates for common transformations like Star Schema and integration techniques eliminating time spent on tedious tasks.

Complex data parsing capabilities

Complex Data Parsing capabilities are built into the tool – Access and parse complex data types including Web logs, JSON and XML files.

Cost-effective data management

Works with the chosen web service platform allowing users to manage large data volumes at an unprecedented low cost.

Lyftrondata provides integration from

Load data from these legacy databases to Amazon Redshift instantly

Join Amazon Redshift data with any sources and create your data hub in minutes