Take data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and load to any data warehouse or analyze instantly

Lyftron replicates data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a target Data Warehouse. Lyftron expands analytical capabilities by enabling both real-time access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and access to replicated data in the Data Warehouse, whatever is needed.

Stream data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into three easy steps

Lyftron Data Pipeline connects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and replicates data to a target Data Warehouse. All transformations are defined in standard SQL, which are pushed down for better performance.

Register the Data Source

Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and import metadata. Register essential data sets in the catalog and begin real-time analytics.

Transform with SQL

Transform or filter the data using SQL that is translated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Combine the data with other data sources.

Load to a Target Database

Automatically convert data types from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to match the target database types. A columnar data pipeline will load the data without delays.

Join Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with any sources and create your data hub in minutes 

Connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your data warehouses

Analyze data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your BI tool instantly 

Expand Analytical Capabilities

Go beyond the limitations of data replication and democratize the data management. Add a Logical Data Warehouse across Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the target Data Warehouse and any other data sources that may be combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Lyftron Logical Data Warehouse

Query with SQL in Real-Time

Not all data sources must be replicated to a data warehouse to be usable for analytics. Use SQL for any data source and also query data in real-time.

Use any BI Tool

Lyftron fully simulates SQL Server on the wire so you can use standard SQL Server drivers available in all BI tools and query Microsoft Dynamics CRM or combine it with other data sources.

Accelerate BI by Prototyping

Shorten BI projects by 4x with a simple trick. First define all required data sets virtually. Build the dashboards on real-time data, consult with business users and replicate the data only when required.

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