Balancing IT users and data analysts with governed analytics and discovery

Reduce risk and experience a secured distribution of actionable intelligence to data owners. Lyftrondata not only helps you to stay in control of your data, but also empowers business analysts and consumers with modern, AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities.

Keep your data compliant by utilizing a governed delta lake

Data is proliferating, often stored in different locations and formats. It’s getting more difficult to provide data access and reliable analytics to businesses. Besides, the delta Lake may be quickly filled with lots of unused tables that were created just for one report. The discovery of data is also a challenge for new users. A proper Data Governance is needed, and additional copies of data avoided.

Lyftrondata supports a governed delta lake that acts as an anti-corruption layer, allows nested tagging by resource groups, and ensures effective and efficient use of data. Lyftrondata accepts a delta Lake as yet another data source that is registered in Lyftrondata. The validated tables from the delta Lake are tagged in Lyftrondata which is the portal to the delta Lake. All additional views of the source data are defined as views. New data sources are first evaluated in Lyftrondata before being loaded to the delta Lake.

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Amplify your data governance with a robust data lineage model

Robust Framework to Ensure Data Accuracy

Lyftrondata comes with a built-in enterprise data governance framework complying with all of the necessary rules and tools that your team needs to successfully operationalize your program. Amplify your information governance with a robust data lineage model that follows high-quality controls and governance mechanisms.

Modern Governed Data Lake

Lyftrondata enables data governance with data catalog, data model, data definition, data lineage, tagging and enterprise data dictionary search. The governed data lake acts as an anti-corruption layer that allows nested tagging by resource groups- ensuring effective and efficient use of data.

Self-Service Data Sharing

This allows different users to access data from different regions in a data hub. With Lyftrondata's robust and secure data sharing you can enable governance on your data hub and easily maintain one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships with your customers & partners.

Embedded Data Protection

The governance framework of Lyftrondata validates and enhances the quality of data and is designed to protect the data from misuse. These capabilities ensure data is up to date, accessible, and eventually removed at appropriate points in its lifecycle.

Data Accessibility and Rights

With a centralized data governance model, control who can access what data. Secure your data to prevent users from seeing forbidden information. Lyftrondata gives analysts all the data discovery functionality they want, and IT administrators the governance they need.

Reusable Content and Advanced Collaboration

Rapid changes to data sets are always welcome and easy to manage in Lyftrondata. Designed for full content reuse and sharing, Lyftrondata allows for easy propagation of changes that take place among different users and systems.

Embrace data innovation with data monetization

Simply convert your data into a monetization revenue system by enabling your customers, employees, suppliers, providers, and consumers to utilize a secure agile platform for their data transfer. Gone are the days when enterprises shared the data by writing custom API, use FTP process and email for data exchange. Lyftrondata gives any organization the ability to securely share data, and receive shared data, while eliminating the cost and headache of traditional data sharing methods. You can create your own data hub with secure access to live and governed data. You control who provides the data, who can view the data, and who can access the data.

Lyftrondata provides better security and governance of your data to enable enterprises to share with ease. Lyftrondata Sharing Hub acts as an enterprise data security layer where enterprises can control how they want to share their data. Lyftrondata provides an easy and secure way for organizations to become data providers, and therefore, monetize their data to create new revenue streams. In addition, every Lyftrondata customer has access to the Lyftrondata Data Providers, where they can acquire third-party data, combine it with their own data, and gain a level of insight not possible before. Just imagine if all the barriers to sharing and monetizing data disappeared. What new insights and opportunities would emerge that would transform your organization?

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