Lyftron Participating at Snowflake Summit

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Come and join Lyftron at Snowflake summit this summer and learn about our modern data hub platform that eliminates traditional ETL /ELT bottlenecks with automatic data pipeline and make data instantly accessible to BI user at booth #S18. Let’s connect & collaborate from June 3-6 and be a part of innovation.

Stream & load data to Snowflake in minutes

Lyftron Data Pipeline manages connections to data sources and loads data to Snowflake. All transformations are defined in standard SQL and pushed down to data sources and Snowflake.

Automatically Manage Tables

Lyftron creates target tables in Snowflake and picks the right data types.

Transform with SQL

Transform or filter the data using SQL that is pushed down to Snowflake. Enable a true Extract-Load-Transform to avoid extra data copies.

Prototype Data Sets

Avoid needless delay in data preparation. Define virtual data sets on source data. Verify and load to Snowflake when required.

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