Matillion vs Lyftrondata

Legacy ELT Methods Things of Past!

The very core of data management is rapidly evolving and traditional ELT  methods are not being able to support fast changing business needs along with the high on volume data. So are these methods things of the past already? Mostly. YES!

Obsolete ELT, are overly complex, difficult to maintain, and costly to extend. As a result, enterprises spend more time, efforts and cost managing their data and at last, end up missing their SLA’s.

To handle such shortcomings, enterprises are opting modern data platforms that are highly flexible and agile in nature.

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What’s Matillion

Matillion leverages the power of the cloud data warehouse to consolidate large data sets and quickly perform the necessary data transformations that make your data analytics ready.

Matillion Pain Points
Matillion leverages traditional data pipeline approach which are

Time Consuming
Require More Efforts

What’s Lyftrondata

Lyftrondata is a modern data platform that provides real-time access to any data and enable users to query them with simple ANSI SQL. With Lyftrondata, enterprises can build data pipeline in minutes and shorten the time to insights by 75% with the power of modern cloud compute of Snowflake and Spark.
The modern data platform eliminates the time spent by engineers building data pipelines manually, and makes data instantly accessible by providing real-time access with simple ANSI SQL. Lyftrondata prebuilt connectors automatically deliver data to warehouses in normalized, ready-to query schemas and provide full search on data catalog.

Why Lyftrondata

Highlights Old Way Lyftrondata Way
Timeframe to build Data Pipelines Highly time-consuming, 2+Months Quick, few clicks in a couple of Days
Cost & Efforts Expensive & high efforts Cost-effective & minimal efforts
Modifications in data pipelines Unplanned and troublesome Fully automated and speedy
Learning Tedious process Negligible
Team size Big Team of experts (50+ resources) Few resources (1-10)

Lyftrondata vs Matillion

Key Differentiators Matillion Lyftrondata
Unlimited cloud scalability
Modern cloud architecture
Unlimited cloud concurrency
Robust cloud security
Data hub support
Field level access control
Pipeline execution plan
One click database clone
ELT support
ANSI SQL database simulation
Colmnar data pipeline
Analyze data with ANSI Sql
Cube support
Semantic layer rotating tables
Data replication
Auto encryption
Data governance
Data dictionary
Logical data warehousing support
Universal data model for agile BI
Universal data catalog tag based search
Auto datatype conversion
Automatic data lineage
Dynamic data pipeline
Automatic data pipeline
Auto Json, Xml, API conversion to normalized structure
Source layer data model
Cluster caching
Native Spark & Hadoop clusters integration (like Databricks, EMR, Hd Insights, Hortonworks, Google Hadoop)
Native BI tools integration (Like Looker, Tabelau, Power BI, Microstrategy, Domo, SAP BO, Sisense, Thoughtspot)
Native ML tools Integration (Like Alteryx, R, Jupyter Notebook)
Native Snowflake bulk loading & streaming
One click migration to Snowflake
Self service data pipeline
Source change notification
Full ANSI Sql database query support

More reasons to choose Lyftrondata

90% Faster to implement

Modern Cloud Compute

Zero Latency

Easier Modification

No ETL/ELT programing is required

Higher Performance

Complex data parsing capabilities

Cost-effective data management

Prebuilt normalization templates

Experience the power of the cloud with our modern data ecosystem

Supported data sources

Why Business Intelligence Should Consider Agile Modern Data Delivery Platform

Scalability and reliability are the key differentiators for business intelligence applications and traditional solutions fail to offer the.

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Lyftrondata Teams with Looker

June 20, 2019– Lyftrondata, a modern data hub is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Looker, a leading data platform company.