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Your Agile, Modern Data Delivery Platform

Javed Syed
Co-Founder & Advisor

Managing data and deriving actionable insights out of it, has been a burning concern in the industry for more than a decade. As the complexities in the data evolved, the industry started developing solutions for each data problem discovered, adding to the existing mayhem of data tools. There is a multitude of SaaS applications today, each promising to resolve a particular business scenario, however, these self-service applications are adding more challenges to the already distorted data scenario, than providing solutions. The industry is dealing with two major data concerns: data silos and complex data pipes.

Firstly, the self-service tools are designed to reduce data silos and build platforms that everybody in the organization can access and use for their line of business. However, the idea of building common platforms still remains Utopian because these tools are creating further silos of information that are difficult to analyze and complicated to maintain.

Secondly, with every new data project identified, we have to build complex data stacks right from scratch. The existing tools were built on narrow data sets, so every time a new data discovery must be made, we have to build another new data stack. All these data stacks that intend to resolve only one problem or two are making the data scenario complex and impossible to operate.

It’s time for modern enterprises to think twice before they tackle their data. The focus must be on building systems that help us to maintain data and unravel valuable insights to solve complex business cases – quickly and efficiently. In short, we require new platforms that unify data and streamline our processes.

At Lyftrondata, our mission is to empower businesses and BI specialists with solutions that allow them to independently solve complex business decisions and to reduce the challenges involved in building modern data hubs. Our focus is on three major aspects: to reduce the time taken to generate analytics, to promote data governance, and to help you to succeed in building and managing hybrid cloud environments.

Data Hub in minutes

Lyftrondata eliminates the need for manually building data pipelines. Using our pre-built connectors, quickly create data pipelines and reduce the time required for generating insights and reports.  The best part is that your analysts or data scientists do not have to learn a new tool or language to use Lyftrondata! Using T-SQL and standard SQL Server drivers, you can query data from any BI tool. So, that means your folks can use the technology, which they are already familiar with, for querying and analyzing the data.

Using Lyftrondata’s numerous pre-built connectors, you can effortlessly connect to any data source and deliver data to warehouses in normalized, ready-to-query schemas and provide full search on data catalog. In short, empower data analysts and scientists to discover and manage data sets of their choice! Create powerful global data catalogs with data from various data sources and promote a culture of data-driven decision-making in your organization.

Drastically reduce the time taken to generate insights by simplifying your BI projects. With Lyftrondata’s advanced data modernization technology by your side, you can introduce collaborative data modeling, self-service data preparation, and instant logical data warehousing to deliver business intelligence in real-time.

Data Modernization with Lyftrondata starts with bulk data loading of selected data from the legacy Data Warehouse to the new database of your choice. The Logical Data Warehouse layer of Lyftrondata provides parallel access to both Data Warehouses and all data sources in one place. The self-service data management portal empowers data-savvy users in their routine tasks.

Data governance and error tracing

With the power of Data Vault 2.0 approach, build fully governed Data Lakes that are highly adaptable, efficient and effective. The error tracing process is also simplified, enabling you to bring in visibility for analytics and maintain a healthy warehouse.

Hybrid cloud management

Successfully build a hybrid cloud which acts as a data loader and a data bridge. The data loading part should be responsible for managing the data pipeline, while the Data Bridge would let BI tools execute SQL queries across the cloud boundary.

Join us in this journey of innovation to build agile, modern data delivery platform that will accelerate time to insights by 75% and let you query any data with Sql. Our vision is simple: to build a platform for data delivery that easily integrates all of a business’s data and allows to query in real-time with Sql and then allows it to be melded to specific work processes in a way where users can do more with it and solve higher-value problems. It gives today’s workforce what they want: the ability to work in data rather than just viewing it.

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