Manual installation of Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases

WARNING: Please deploy database manually only when automatic installation does not meet your specific requirements.

To manually deploy or update Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases the following options are available:

Documentation assumes you use DacFramework to manually deploy databases.

Ensure Microsoft DacFramework is available on the installation machine

The installation package of DacFramework 13.0 or later can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Site (choose "Download Data-Tier Application Framework (DacFx)". DacFramework versions earlier than 13.0 are not supported.

DacFramework version 14.0 requires .Net 4.6 or later. DacFramework installer does not warn about this dependency during install, therefore please ensure that installation machine has .Net 4.6 or later installed.

To install DacFramework please run DacFramework.msi file downloaded from Microsoft Download Site, and follow the on screen instructions. Installation is very straight forward and we recommend to accept the defaults. Installed DacFramework files can be found under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\version-number\DAC\bin, where version-number is the version number of installed DacFramework.

Deploy metabases using DacFramework

To install Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases to a chosen SQL Server instance follow the following procedure. Examples assume that you deploy to SQL Server on current computer and default SQL Server instance (localhost). Please change "localhost" in the scripts below to a proper name of your target database server.

  1. Open command prompt and change current folder to Lyftron installer folder.

  2. Run the following command to install Lyftron metabase (edit if necessary):

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\DAC\bin\SqlPackage.exe" /Action:Publish /SourceFile:lyftron.dacpac /TargetServerName:localhost /TargetDatabaseName:Lyftron
  3. Run the following command to install Apache Spark metabase (edit if necessary):

WARNING: Please be extra careful when manually updating existing Apache Spark metabase and ensure that you have the latest backup. If you omit parameter DropObjectsNotInSource=false, existing database objects will be dropped along with data. In such case the only recovery option is to restore metabase from backup.

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\DAC\bin\SqlPackage.exe" /Action:Publish /SourceFile:SparkMetastore.dacpac /TargetServerName:localhost /TargetDatabaseName:SparkMetastore /p:DropObjectsNotInSource=false

Apache Spark metabase schema is managed by Spark. Installer does not create or alter tables or views inside Spark metabase.
Initially deployed SparkMetastore database will be empty and ready for database objects configuration by Apache Spark itself. Apache Spark will initialize its metastore and will check database schema compatibility on each start-up. If necessary it will update schema to required version.

Please continue with Lyftron server installation procedure.