Fetches a data set with details of all jobs that a scheduler is aware of. This procedure helps with the current state of the Lyftron internal job scheduler. The result set contains all the jobs registered, regardless they are scheduled or not. When there are multiple triggers on a job a result row represents details at a trigger level.



Result Sets

Column name Data type Description
JobKey varchar(200) An internal key of the job from on the schedule.
JobName nvarchar(512) Name of the job.
JobId uniqueidentifier ID of the job.
TriggerKey varchar(526) An internal key of the job's trigger.
ScheduleId int A schedule ID which the trigger is assigned to.
TriggerStartDate datetime2 The time at which the trigger's scheduling should start.
TriggerEndDate datetime2 The date when the trigger must stop firing.
TriggerNextFireTime datetime2 The next time at which the trigger is scheduled to fire.
LastJobExecutionStartDate datetime2 Most recently finished job execution start date with time.
LastJobExecutionFinishDate datetime2 Most recently finished job execution end date with time.
LastJobExecutionNextFireTime datetime2 Most recently finished job execution's parent job could be planned to fire up again. The value represents the contemporary planned fire time.
LastJobExecutionErrorMessage nvarchar(max) Most recently finished job execution error message if any.


EXEC lyft_help_jobs;