lyft_set_view_copy_status 'view_name', 'status', [ 'copy' ] [;]



Fully qualified name of view which data will be loaded.


INT that can have a value between 0 and 3 with the following meaning:

Value Meaning
0 (None) A cached copy of a view was not created.
1 (Created) Table was created, data not yet loading.
2 (Load Running) The copy is available only as a target of a full load and should not be used for querying for the moment.
3 (Loaded) A cached copy of a view was fully loaded and is ready to be used.


SYSNAME that can be one of two values: 'primary' or 'secondary' with default value 'primary'. Optional.


Sets view copy status to loaded (presumably after cache was loaded) for AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee.

EXEC lyft_set_view_copy_status @view_name = 'AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee', @status = 3;