Contains rows about each materialized view (cached views) and their physical counterparts, that are used as a backend storage of the view.

Column name Data type Nullable? Description
object_id int false Object_id of a view. Can be used to join with sys.views
persistent_object_name nvarchar(500) false Physical object name created and used as a backend storage (usually a table).
connection_name nvarchar(128) false Lyftron's connection name used to store physical table.
is_primary bit false 1 = physical object is currently used to serve the view data (is a primary one).
last_refresh datetime true Date and time of last data load into primary table.


select *
  from [DM_hr].sys.lyft_materialized_views qv
  join db2.sys.views v
    on qv.object_id = v.object_id;