Sets the cache mode for given view. For persistent tables default persistent table names are used. No partitioning is defined for caches.


lyft_set_view_cache_mode 'view_name', 'cache_mode' [;]



Fully qualified name of view which cache mode will be changed.


TINYINT with one of the following values:

Value Meaning
0 No caching
1 Caching in Spark in-memory
3 Single persistent table caching
4 Two persistent rotated tables caching
5 Single persistent table + in-memory caching
6 Two persistent rotated tables + in-memory caching


Sets in-memory caching for AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee.

EXEC lyft_set_view_cache_mode @view_name = 'AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee', @cache_mode = 1;