Providers bundled with Lyftron

Below is a list of all providers bundled with Lyftron. Some providers require installation of additional software. To learn more click a link next to provider name.

You do not have to perform additional configuration actions indicated in remarks, if you do not plan to use a given data provider. For example, if SAP Hana use is not planned, you do not need to install SAP Hana client software.

Provider name (click for documentation) Category Remarks
Microsoft Access DBMS
Active Directory LDAP
Amazon Redshift NoSQL & Big Data
Apache HBase NoSQL & Big Data
Apache Spark 1.6.x up to 2.3.x (#4) NoSQL & Big Data
Authorize.Net Financial & E-Commerce
Azure Table Storage NoSQL & Big Data
Azure HDInsight 3.1 up to 3.6 (#7) NoSQL & Big Data
Basecamp Collaboration
Bing Ads CRM & Marketing Automation
Bing Search
Apache Cassandra
Salesforce Chatter Social Networking
Cloudera NoSQL & Big Data
Azure CosmosDB NoSQL & Big Data
Couchbase NoSQL & Big Data
CSV/TSV Documents & Files Connection string examples
IBM DB2 DBMS Version 11.1.3030.4 of IBM.Data.DB.Provider (
DoubleClick Campaign Manager CRM & Marketing Automation
DoubleClick For Publishers CRM & Marketing Automation
Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM & Marketing Automation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM & Marketing Automation
Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Collaboration & ERP
Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL & Big Data
eBay Financial & E-Commerce
ElasticSearch NoSQL & Big Data
Email Collaboration
E*Trade Financial & E-Commerce
Exact Online Accounting
Excel Documents & Files
Sharepoint Excel Services Documents & Files
Microsoft Exchange Collaboration
Facebook Social Networking
Firebird DBMS Driver version
FreshBooks Accounting Accounting
FTP Documents & Files
Generic ADO.NET Generic SQL
Gmail Collaboration
Google AdWords CRM & Marketing Automation
Google Analytics CRM & Marketing Automation
Google BigQuery NoSQL & Big Data
Google Calendars Collaboration
Google Contacts Collaboration
Google Drive Documents & Files
Google Search
Google Sheets Documents & Files
Highrise CRM CRM & Marketing Automation
Hive NoSQL & Big Data
HPCC NoSQL & Big Data
Hortonworks Data Platform NoSQL & Big Data
HubSpot CRM & Marketing Automation
Intacct Accounting
JDBC Generic SQL See JDBC configuration
JIRA Collaboration
Kafka Each topic is simulated as a standalone table
LDAP Directory Services LDAP
LinkedIn Social Networking
Magento CRM & Marketing Automation
MailChimp CRM & Marketing Automation
Marketo CRM & Marketing Automation
MongoDB NoSQL & Big Data
Microsoft Project Collaboration & ERP
MySQL DBMS driver version
NetSuite CRM & ERP CRM & Marketing Automation, ERP
OData Services REST
ODBC Generic SQL
Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration & ERP
OFX Financial Accounts Financial & E-Commerce
Open Exchange Rates Financial & E-Commerce
Oracle DBMS Version 12.1.24160719 of Oracle.ManagedDataAccess ( More info about Some Oracle-internal schemas are skipped during metadata import
Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) CRM & Marketing Automation
Oracle Sales Cloud CRM & Marketing Automation
PayPal Financial & E-Commerce
PostgreSQL DBMS Version 3.2.6
SlicingDice NoSQL & Big Data
Quandl Financial & E-Commerce
QuickBooks Desktop Accounting
QuickBooks Online Accounting
QuickBooks POS Accounting
Reckon Accounting
Sage50 UK Accounting
Salesforce & CRM & Marketing Automation
SAP Netweaver ERP SAP client software requirements
SAP HANA DBMS SAP Hana client software installation
SendGrid CRM & Marketing Automation
ServiceNow Collaboration & ERP
Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration & ERP
Smartsheet Collaboration & ERP
Square Financial & E-Commerce
Stripe Financial & E-Commerce
SugarCRM CRM & Marketing Automation
Teradata DBMS driver version 16.20; Teradata: 16.20, 16.10, 16.00, 15.10, 15.0, 14.10, 14.0
Twitter Social Networking
Vertica DBMS Vertica client x64 version 9.1.0 (built-in, no installation required)
xBase NoSQL & Big Data
Xero Accounting Accounting
XML Documents & Files
YouTube CRM & Marketing Automation
YouTube Analytics CRM & Marketing Automation
Zoho CRM CRM & Marketing Automation