Returns a specified date with the specified number interval (signed integer) added to a specified datepart of that date.


DATEADD (datepart , number , date )



Is the part of date to which an integer number is added. The following table lists all valid datepart arguments. User-defined variable equivalents are not valid.

datepart Abbreviations
year yy, yyyy
quarter qq, q
month mm, m
dayofyear dy, y
day dd, d
week wk, ww
weekday dw, w
hour hh
minute mi, n
second ss, s
millisecond ms
microsecond mcs
nanosecond ns


Is an expression that can be resolved to an int that is added to a datepart of date. User-defined variables are valid.
If you specify a value with a decimal fraction, the fraction is truncated and not rounded.


Is an expression that can be resolved to a time, date, smalldatetime, datetime, datetime2, or datetimeoffset value. date can be an expression, column expression, user-defined variable, or string literal. If the expression is a string literal, it must resolve to a datetime. To avoid ambiguity, use four-digit years.

Return types

The return data type is the data type of the date argument, except for string literals.
The return data type for a string literal is datetime.


SELECT DATEADD(hour, 23, '2007-10-30 12:15:32')

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