Installation prerequisites

Make sure to review our hardware recommendations to confirm that this configuration seems appropriate for your organization.


  • [ ] Obtain Lyftron installation package from retail or OEM channels, and copy binaries into selected folder on the target computer or accessible network share.

  • [ ] Obtain Lyftron license (XML). If license is not provided in post-installation steps, only Lyftron Admin Portal will be functional - no database connections can be made until a valid license is provided.

  • [ ] Prepare a single computer that satisfies the system requirements for Lyftron.

  • [ ] If SSL communication is required, install the certificate into local machine certificate store in Windows.

  • [ ] Decide how to deploy Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases: automatically using the installer or manually (advanced). Manual installation of Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases requires more preparation and is recommended for advanced configuration not supported natively by installer.

  • [ ] Ensure you have a recent backup of existing metabases

  • [ ] Set up a supported version of SQL Server to host Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases. Lyftron requires a Microsoft SQL Server instance to store metadata information. If you do not have a database server available, you may configure a local SQL Server Express, which is a free, entry-level database server from Microsoft.

    Recommended SQL Server installation procedure is described in SQL Server engine installation.

Ensure that:

  • [ ] Database server supports SQL Server Mixed Mode Authentication. Documentation of how to change SQL Server Authentication mode of an already installed SQL Server is available at Microsoft docs.
  • [ ] Database server TCP port is enabled
  • [ ] Account you are installing Lyftron with is a member of the SysAdmin server role in SQL Server
  • [ ] For automatic metabase installation or upgrade to work, files Lyftron.dacpac and SparkMetastore.dacpac are present in the same directory as MSI installation package

Write down the information about database server chosen to host metabases and Lyftron service user, because it will be required at the later stages.

If you decide to use manual database deployment or upgrade of Lyftron metabase and Apache Spark metabase, please navigate to Manual installation of Lyftron and Apache Spark metabases.

Installing Lyftron databases involves a set of operations that require a high degree of privilege - these include creating databases, provisioning logins for service accounts, and more. Technically, all that is required is membership in the ServerAdmin role; ALTER ANY LOGIN, CREATE ANY DATABASE, and VIEW ANY DEFINITION server scoped permissions; and CONTROL permission on the master database. Membership in the SysAdmin server role will confer all of these memberships and permissions and is the easiest way to ensure that Lyftron configuration will succeed. If necessary, these memberships and permissions can be revoked after Lyftron is installed.

If all prerequisites are met, please proceed with installation procedure.