SAP provider

Lyftron includes SAP provider, but it depends on SAP x64 client, which due to SAP licensing has to be downloaded and installed separately.

To install SAP Netweaver x64 client, please follow to the SAP Software Download Center and download the x64 version.

We recommend to connect to SAP using NetWeaver. If for any reason, after the installation of SAP client x64 you receive errors, please ensure that the following files are present in the %windir%\System32 folder on the machine hosting Lyftron:

  • icudt34.dll
  • icuin34.dll
  • icuuc34.dll
  • libicudecnumber.dll
  • libsapucum.dll
  • libsapucum.lib
  • sapdecficulib.lib
  • sapnwrfc.dll
  • sapnwrfc.lib

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