Inserts new rows into a cached view. New rows are found based on view's incremental marker and maximum marker found in the source table.

Updated or deleted rows in source table are not propagated, only new rows are added. This procedure can be run only for those view's that previously enabled incremental load. It also assumes that persistent storage has already been created.

In general, users should not use this procedure directly. Please, use lyft_incremental_load_cached_view_copy stored procedure, which executes full incremental load process.


lyft_incremental_insert 'view_name' [;]



Fully qualified name of the view to which new rows will be appended.


Inserts new rows into 'AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee' based on previously set incremental marker column.

EXEC lyft_incremental_insert 'AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee';