Sets new incremental marker value for given table or view. Value can be later retrieved using function lyft_get_incremental_marker.

Lyftron does not interpret the given value of the marker. It was designed to be used by user code to support incremental load scenarios.

For example, an incremental marker can hold a date of last change included in cache or some ordinal.


lyft_set_incremental_marker 'object', 'columnName' [;]



Fully qualified name of view which incremental marker will be changed.


NVARCHAR(1000) containing new value for given objects' incremental marker.


Sets and then gets incremental marker for AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee.

EXEC lyft_set_incremental_marker 'AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee', 'May  4 2017 11:20AM';
SELECT lyft_get_incremental_marker('AdventureWorksDW2012_spark.dbo.DimEmployee');