Burst Acceleration to your Analysis with Lyftrondata

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Poll Results: ETL Tools for Data Integration
Lyftrondata conducted a poll to know whether or not businesses use ETL for data integration.

Inner joins win the poll
We recently conducted a poll to analyze the most popular joins. Read the blog to learn

About Lyftrondata

Lyftrondata provides logical data warehouses, data virtualization and self-service data preparation for Agile Business Intelligence. Our commitment to innovation resulted in the development of Lyftrondata™ software platform that makes BI analytics, Cloud & Big Data work easier and faster. If you have problems with multiple data sources, long development cycles BI solutions, inflexibility changes, lack of data in real time or under performance of reports, Lyftrondata offers a remedy:
  • Seamlessly connects more than 100 types of data sources
  • Consolidates data on the fly without an ETL that is time consuming to build and operate
  • Combines the agility of instant, real-time analytics of self- service BI tools like Power BI with the data quality and acceleration features of a traditional data warehouse
  • Fosters collaboration in the area of data management for BI users by decreasing dependency on IT departments
  • Leverages the best Big data SQL engines like Apache Spark to get the best performance
  • provides a model for any presentation tool or data analysis as Power BI, Excel, Tableau or Qlik.
“The data sources are kept clean and without excessive workload and the front ends find the work done. This allows users to easily tune in to the data and feel more motivated to use the tools. Your investment is valued internally”. “Once all the data models are available, it is possible to materialize the views and create a Data Warehouse that has been created in a clean and defined way, saving on the development costs of it.”

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