Journey of The Data Warrior

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Journey of
Join us with

Kent Graziano
Strategic Advisor, Lyftrondata

Kent Graziano is fondly known as ‘The Data Warrior’- A semi-retired Snowflake data cloud and data vault evangelist. He is an award-winning industry thought leader, author, and speaker. Kent Graziano and Lyftrondata converge on several ideas which can generate excellent value for enterprises to be data-driven. This collaboration has created a lot of buzz in the data fabric landscape (Data pipeline, Data Virtualization, Data Catalog, Data Governance) and is believed to yield game-changing innovation.

Key Highlights

  • Setting the tone of innovation in Data Pipeline & Data Virtualization to the next level, with the power of Lyftrondata’s Snowflake ELT engine.
  • Who is the real “Data Hero”? What are its responsibilities, powers, and its nemesis?
  • The data vault game and the potential of the ‘World Wide Data Vault Consortium’.
  • Pillars of sustainability in Data Fabric: Agility. Accuracy. Security. How does Lyftrondata enable enterprises with their data modernization journey?
  • Learn why Kent feels that Lyftrondata will disrupt the ETL/ELT no-code/low-code modernization space.


Kent Graziano
Strategic Advisor at Lyftron Data Inc.


George Firican & Diana Firican
Founders at LightsOnData
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