Data Pipeline Differentiator

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This episode will feature an interview with Bob Collie – Chief Technology Advisor at Zmclp & Board Member at IT Renew.

Hear him as he shared insights into how his IT Renew team built a Financial and Customer Hub in minutes for Business Central 365, Salesforce & Azure SQL Warehouse using Lyftrondata’s automated data pipelines. Explore how with Lyftrondata’s modern data architecture, his team accelerated their journey to the cloud and expanded their analytical capabilities with Tableau.

Key Highlights

  • Enabling the future to build pipelines automatically from Business Central 365, Salesforce, and Azure SQL Warehouse with Lyftrondata.
  • Accelerate analytics with Tableau by instantly analyzing data from Business Central 365, Salesforce, and Azure SQL Warehouse, with Lyftrondata virtualization.
  • Easily analyzing Business Central 365 & Salesforce data over ANSI SQL layer.
  • Improving ROI on the current modern data stack.
  • Execute high-performance transformations reliably.


Bob Collie, Chief Technology Advisor at Zmclp & Board Member at IT Renew
Bob Collie attended Vanderbilt University and pursued a degree in Economics and currently represents ZMC on the board of ITRenew, and works with the management teams at AdThrive, Logitix (FKA Dynasty Sports & Entertainment), and Education Networks of America, Inc. He has over 20 years of leadership, strategy, and technology implementation experience. Mr. Collie has served in a variety of roles including Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategy with Education Networks of America, PSINet, and Telalink Corporation.


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