Why do data-driven businesses no longer need traditional ETL / ELT platforms?

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Hello, i’am Liah from Lyftrondata and today i want to talk about how Lyftrondata Snowflake real-time streaming and native mass load integration work together.

Hello, I am Liah from Lyftrondata and today I want to talk about how Lyftrondata-Snowflake real-time streaming and native mass load integration work together. Snowflake integration is taken seriously at Lyftrondata, to overcome the limitations of traditional ETL / ELT tools that organize flat files on a local disk before bringing it to Snowflake.

Such solution requires additional disk space for data loading and add additional delays to the data pipeline. Lyftrondata takes a unique approach to uploading data to the Snowflake data warehouse using the new data transmission API available on Snowflake.

Data is uploaded from the data source, data transformations are applied on the FLY as SQL expressions and the transformed data is transformed directly to Snnowflake.

Data is uploaded without delays and without the need to manage any space for temporary files. In addition, Lyftrondata can compress the selected SQL transformation directly to the data sources to reduce the amount of data to be transfered. Snowflake customers can simplify and drastically shorten their time to get information by using Lyftrondata’s Snowflake native modernization and migration solutions.

Just log in Lyftrondata, select any data to transfer to Snowflake, and just program the paiplain. Setting up just takes a few minutes and you can use Lyftrondata without commitment 1 Month Free Trial.

For more information, you can always email us at HELLO + LYFTRONDATA.COM OR CALL US at  855-LYFTRONDATA (855-593-8766).

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