Take data from Emarsys load to any data warehouse or analyze instantly in three easy steps
Lyftron load data from Emarsys to a target Data Warehouse. Lyftron expands analytical capabilities by enabling real-time access to Emarsys and let you analyze instantly with leading BI & ML tools. All transformations are defined in standard SQL, which are pushed down to target data warehouse in their native sql for better performance.

Register the Data Source

Lyftron creates target tables in Emarsys and picks the right data types.

Transform with SQL

Transform or filter the data using SQL that is translated to Emarsys. Combine the data with other data sources.

Prototype Data Sets

Avoid needless delay in data preparation. Define virtual data sets on source data. Verify and load to Emarsys when required.

Join Emarsys data with any sources and create your data hub in minutes 

Expand Analytical Capabilities

Go beyond the limitations of data replication and democratize the data management. Add a Logical Data Warehouse across Emarsys, the target Data Warehouse and any other data sources that may be combined with Emarsys.

Query with SQL in Real-Time

Not all data sources must be replicated to a data warehouse to be usable for analytics. Use SQL for any data source and also query data in real-time.

Use any BI Tool

Lyftron fully simulates SQL Server on the wire so you can use standard SQL Server drivers available in all BI tools and query Ebiquity or combine it with other data sources.

Accelerate BI by Prototyping

Shorten BI projects by 4x with a simple trick. First define all required data sets virtually. Build the dashboards on real-time data, consult with business users and replicate the data only when required.

Universal data model

Lyftron is a single place to find and query all possible data. Use standard SQL to query both legacy Data Warehouses, data sources in real-time and all Cloud Data Warehouses.

Migrate step-by-step

Migrate a legacy Data Warehouse either as a single Lift-Shift-Modernize operation or as a staged approach. Run dashboards both from the old Data Warehouse and the Cloud DW, switch the target when migration is finished.​

Cloud native data hub

Lyftron is designed and built for the cloud. Lyftron enables hybrid cloud management, multiple source and target formats, syncing between regions and modern cloud compute.

Columnar data pipeline

High-performance modern Data Warehouses are all columnar and efficiently process data in bulk. Lyftron extends the columnar processing to the data pipeline, which speeds up data loading and transformation.

SQL interface

Fully simulated Transact-SQL interface (wire compatible with SQL Server) enables bridged queries to any data source or target Data Warehouse. No drivers or new skills are needed to run queries on any data.

Global data catalog

Categorize all data sets stored in the Cloud, essential data sources and valuable data sets defined by data analysts and data scientists.

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