Lyftron is now Lyftrondata

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Lyftron is now Lyftrondata

Leading ETL Tool service provider Lyftron has recently changed its name to Lyftrondata and accordingly spread the word. Lyftrondata has been ranked as a G2 leader in Winter 2021 Report for modern data pipeline and is a partner of choice for several data-driven enterprises. With a stupendous reputation and a remarkable example of consistent performance, it has climbed the charts rapidly. Having being recognised and rewarded time and again, Lyftrondata is often in the news for its high performance and excellent G2 ratings and various other recognitions.

We are focused on helping enterprises harness the limitless power of the data – query non-relational sources like API/JSON/XML with simple ANSI SQL, analyze it instantly – all with zero code.

Javed Syed, Co-founder of Lyftrondata

About Lyftrondata

Your ultimate next-gen agile, data delivery platform with modern cloud data warehouse & lake. Create and manage all of your data workloads on one platform. Boost the productivity of your data professionals and shorten your time to value in order to deliver modern and integrated data solutions swiftly from anywhere in your organization. We build the best data models around various source API’s, to ensure you will get all of your data and can query the non relational source like API/Json/XML with ANSI Sql.

Move on if you data platform is not moving you forward with Lyftrondata govern and secure data delivery platform for your data migration and modernization needs as Lyftrondata eliminates traditional ETL/EDW bottlenecks with automatic data pipeline & modern next-gen cloud warehouse which makes data instantly accessible to BI user with the modern cloud compute of Spark & Snowflake. Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source into normalized, ready-to-query relational format and provide search capability on your enterprise data catalog.

At Lyftrondata, we eliminate the time spent by engineers building data pipelines manually- and make data instantly accessible to analysts by providing real-time access to all your data with simple ANSI SQL.

Our pre-built connectors automatically deliver data to warehouses in normalized, ready-to-query schemas and provide data governance and sensitive data encryption capability.Lyftrondata has bagged significant recognitions by G2 in 2019 & 2020 and is all set be the star performer once again in 2021.

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