Discover how New Meridian eliminated the bottlenecks of siloed data with the highly scalable modern architecture of Lyftrondata

Meet us at Big Idea CONNECTpreneur to see how you can effortlessly go from siloed and messy data to analysis-ready data in 4 easy steps

300+ sources and applications
Connect your data
Extract data from a growing library of 300+ integrators with
low-code integrations

Organize your data
Implement data governance and data classification rules to help
automate your workflow

Centralize your data
Ingest it to the Lyftrondata warehouse (Powered by Snowflake) or bring your own warehouse,
and analyze it in BI & ML tools

Share your data
Prepare, share and leverage it for data monetization use cases like
IoT, ML, and AI

Get a live demo to see how you can lift up your
data game with zero coding

Eliminate the complexity of siloed data with simplicity

Take advantage of the versatility of no-code, low-code, and pro-code on a single ETL platform. Automatically extract data from different sources, perform complex multistage transformations and unearth highly needed data-driven answers.

Secured and hassle-free automation

Avoid re-inventing the wheel by building broken pipelines manually. Get access to a maintenance-free environment – save time and effort with automated data validation and pipeline inspection.

Adapt to the highly scalable modern data infrastructure

Use the compute of Apache Spark, the orchestration of Airflow, and the streaming of Kafka for data transformation. Get a consistent stream of integrated data for exploration, analysis, and decision-making. Get instant access to all of the data from different regions in a data hub and migrate from legacy databases to a modern data warehouse without having to manually code data pipelines.

Learn how Lyftrondata’s built-in modern decoupled modules adapt to your modern data infrastructure

Turn data into action 200x faster at 1/10th of the cost and drive powerful business outcomes with highly scalable infrastructure

Perform heavy-duty data analysis with delta lake on S3, Blob, and Google Storage
Use the power of unlimited computing & performance
Get your change data events instantly
Schedule, orchestrate, and monitor data pipelines and workflows with ease
Get the unlimited scalability of the modern cloud data warehouse
Manage containerized workloads and services with ease
Insights to business value with powerful visualizations
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  • Treat yourself with our managed services
Get more time with our expert analysts. They can collect requirements and help you build complex pipelines, build custom connectors, organize and architect your data warehouse, standardize your data, and build dashboards.
Data Engineer
$3500 per month
Data Architect
$5000 per month
BI Architect
$5000 per month
Data Scientist
$5000 per month
Data Analyst
$3000 per month

Let us manage your infrastructure with our smart lego-based architecture while you can focus on your business growth

Unlimited scalability with the power of Spark, Kafka and Snowflake
Robust Orchestration
Schedule, orchestrate, and monitor data pipelines with Airflow
High-Speed Performance
Onboard and democratize your data access quickly with a codeless data environment
Prebuilt Transformation
Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks with prebuilt transformation templates
Enterprise-level Security
Get end-to-end data encryption and recovery

Scale up with zero training for unparalleled data performance
Mr. Javed Syed, the CEO & Co-founder of Lyftrondata Inc. says

“We are excited to be a part of this conference and demonstrate how Lyftrondata’s built-in modern decoupled modules easily adapt to the modern data infrastructure of growing enterprises and help them with critical decision-making”

About Lyftrondata

The modern data centralization and data mesh platform focused on helping enterprises harness the limitless power of the data – query non-relational sources like API/JSON/XML with simple ANSI SQL, analyze it instantly – all with zero code.
We are a group of data engineers who have learned the pain points of traditional data preparation activities and wish to bring agility to data management and avoid delays in analytics projects. Lyftrondata helps analytics teams to find a balance between traditional ETL-heavy data preparation and agility to find, connect and use any data without delays.
Lyftrondata eliminates traditional ETL/ELT bottlenecks with an automatic data pipeline and makes data instantly accessible to BI users with modern cloud compute of Spark, Snowflake, Kafka, Airflow, Iceberg and Superset. Lyftrondata connectors automatically convert any source into the normalized, ready-to-query relational format and provide search capability on your enterprise data catalog.
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