Reinventing near-real-time digital & content analytics with data virtualization

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This episode will feature an interview with Ali Aghatabar – Director at Intelicosmos

Hear him as he shares how Data Virtualization with Lyftrondata helped his team integrate data from disparate sources, provide greater flexibility in data access, limit data silos, and automate query execution for near real-time digital and content insights.

Key Highlights

  • Leverage Lyftrondata’s ultimate Logical Data Warehouses(LDW) technology for better speed, agility, and near real-time insights with AWS S3, Blob, Spark, Snowflake, and Python.
  • Learn how easily you can manage the data from various sources like AWS S3, Blob, Databases into a Logical warehouse on Snowflake.
  • Learn how easily you can apply machine learning with Google Collab notebook.


Ali Aghatabar, Director at Intelicosmos
Ali Aghatabar is an experienced solutions, cloud, data & analytics architect, with a demonstrated history of working for enterprise and small high-tech companies as well as government, in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in management, solutions, and cloud (Azure/AWS) architectures, data and analytics, data management and architecture, consulting, and pre-sales. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor focused in Software Engineering from the University of Tehran.


George Firican & Diana Firican, Founder of
Host of Lights on Data Show – a LinkedIn Live weekly show that provides insights into the data world and showcases people that help to shape it.

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