Build next-gen applications without any operation headache

Lyftron empowers users to build future-based modern data apps that meet or surpass expectations. Stop wasting huge time and money with low-performance applications – use modern infrastructure that supports BI, IoT, and machine learning.

Turn your applications into your business success

Lyftron’s technology combines the columnar data pipeline process with modern data warehouse architecture that enables enterprises to build the application for the future with ease. Gone are the days when enterprises needed to write custom and complex code just to parse the data from various APIs like Salesforce, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Google Analytics. Lyftron automatically converts API to relational formats and makes it available in the cloud database, accelerating the application development process by 75%. Skip the worry to code the complex API and simply build data apps using the language of your choice like Python, Node.js, Go, .NET, Java, and more.


Lyftron empowers enterprises to build massive-scale applications without operation burden. Lyftron’s columnar architecture is designed to power applications with no limitations on performance, concurrency, or scale. Trusted by fast-growing data-driven companies, Lyftron handles all the infrastructure complexity, so you can focus on innovating your own application without worrying about reinventing the wheels.

Eliminate the complexity with Lyftron's simplicity


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Do more with your applications, collaborate across your business​

Improved Agility

Enable faster development and better collaboration across the departments by empowering your developers and engineers with a faster development process. Simply get started by connecting with Lyftron zero-code platform.

Zero Latency & Unlimited Scalability

Lyftron’s warehouse multi-cluster, shared data architecture spins up additional compute clusters to support a near-unlimited number of concurrent users on shared tables without contention for resources.

Monetize Your Time

Lyftron empowers developers and engineers to use the API relational models to automatically consume the data without any coding to ensure they remain up-to-date and combine it with their existing data to get the deepest insights possible at a faster pace.

Faster Go-To-Market

Lyftron empowers enterprises to build applications faster as never before. Gone are the days when your developer needs to write custom API connectivity and conversion logic. Eliminate traditional data sharing methods' complexity with Lyftron's simplicity.

No Dev-Ops & Infrastructure Burden

Developing and scaling data applications is complex. Lyftron automatically handles provisioning, availability, tuning, data protection, and other operations across multiple clouds for you.

SQL For All Your Data

Simply connect your API, JSON, NoSQL, and traditional databases-based connectors with Lyftron and get started in minutes, not months. Let Lyftron handle the conversion into a standardized format.

Other Use Cases

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Data Engineering
Data Sharing
Universal Data Model
Data Application
Data Warehouse Modernization
BI Acceleration
Governed data lake
Data Sourcing for SaaS BI
Data Virtualization
Data Replication

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