Data Sharing For Innovation and Growth

Lyftron Data sharing is a new innovation as a part of Lyftron data hub which aims to share any amount of data at any scale any time, while maintaining the single source of truth. Securely share your data assets, internally and externally, without having to copy or move data. Drive business-focused benefits – from building trust and delivering cost savings, to streamlining processes and developing innovative new services.

Data sharing to drive business focused growth

Sharing data—internally and externally, with business partners, vendors, and even with customers—has proven to be significantly beneficial for organisations of all niche. The more data that is shared, the bigger the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, scale and grow the business. However, traditional sharing systems with legacy infrastructure were risk averse and low performing.

In order to reap the benefits of modern ecosystems, organisations adopted 21st century framework which doesn’t only promise to share your data privately and securely, but also lays a platform to perform on opportunities like – collaboration, innovation, and the ability to scale and grow your business.

Lyftron Data sharing is a new innovation as a part of Lyftron data hub which aims to share any amount of data at any scale any time, while maintaining the single source of truth.

Our data-sharing system is built on top of Lyftron’s secure data governance technology, so data doesn’t move or migrate, eliminating the cost, headache, and delays associated with legacy data sharing methods that deliver only slices of stale data.

Lyftron modern architecture provides row and column level access security to the users so, it would make it easy to share your data without writing any single piece of code and more securely than ever before . With the robust and secure sharing framework, you can enable governance on your data hub and easily maintain one to one, one to many and many to many relationships with your customers & partners.

Enable immediate insights and additional business value!

Lyftron enables creating a network of users that can share data with multiple entities (including within their system) and consumers that can access shared data from multiple entities. Define, categorize and find all data sets in one place. Share these data sets with other experts with zero code and drive better insights and user experience.

Innovation driven data sharing

Speedy Querying For Actionable Insights

Lyftron Data Sharing enables immediate querying of data in a secure, governed and controlled environment. Data consumers can immediately query on the live data and share at the same time to ensure data is updated and consistent. This ensures that real-time insights are driven by the latest information and data sets.

Unlimited Scaling and Concurrency

Eliminate delays to viewing updated data, get unlimited scaling and concurrent access Lyftron's automatic scaling via multi-cluster architecture, processes query simultaneously, automating concurrency scaling within each Lyftron’s layer. Lyftron framework is designed to serve on scalability, resiliency and concurrency.

Powerful, Simple-to-Use Interface

Lyftron ensures secured and governed data sharing to all the consumers in minutes. Using, simple, yet powerful interface, users can share live data instantly without delays and much effort. A data set could be shared internally, between different operating groups and could also be easily transported to the external commodities, eliminating the use to implement a sharing tool.

Intacted Security & Governance

Lyftron empowers enterprises to share the data without writing any code or setting any infrastructure. Control the security and access of your data securely at the column and row level. Lyftron enables robust security for data sharing by enabling access control at the pipeline, database, table, column, schema level.

Real-Time Data Sync with Improved Agility

Lyftron architecture empowers users to share live data immediately with the consumers to ensure they remain up-to-date and combine it with their existing data to get the deepest insights possible. Have better collaboration across the departments and partners by empowering your customers and employees with secure data sharing.

Faster Collaboration and Reproducibility

Data sharing with Lyftron encourages more connection and collaboration between teams, which can result in blending different data assets and driving highly valuable insights in a fraction of minutes. It enables data enthusiasts to build upon the work of others rather than repeat already existing analysis.

More reasons to choose Lyftron data sharing platform

  • Unlimited Scaling with Independent Storage

  • Global Data Management

  • Unlimited Concurrency

  • Centralized Data Framework for Quick Sharing

  • High Protection Against Data Breaches

  • Authorization Federation

  • Compact Access Control

  • Aggregated Analytics

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • Enhanced interagency collaboration

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