Data hub for Universities

The Challenge: This Michigan based university decided to implement an analytical solution for enhanced student experience. The IT team had to consolidate and track student enrollment, attrition, success and other real-time key indicators to arrive at solution which improves the overall student experience. The biggest challenge was in building a single large repository for streaming real-time data from several sources.

The Solution: When the team of analysts decided to consolidate data, they started exploring various legacy options. Most of the tools either had horrendous upfront costs such as licensing costs or failed meeting the performance requirements of the analysts. Lyftron played an instrumental role in addressing all their data concerns.

Highlights of the solution:

  • Central datahub which consolidates real-time data being streamed from various sources

  • Data pertaining to 20 schools and colleges, 50,000 students and a massive community of 500,000 alumni was consolidated

  • Advanced data security and governance features for reducing the noise in the datahub and for maintaining the over-all health of the consolidated data.

  • Quick turn-around time for generating student analytics.

  • Easily generate valuable insights for improving enrollments, reducing attrition and ensuring amazing student experience.

The Lyftron Advantage

Data consolidation Quick turnaround time Alumni Network Security and Governance
Ability to consolidate data from numerous data sources.
Overall reduction in the time taken to generate insights.
Ability to track and monitor research funding from a vast alumni network.
Highly compliant solution to offer enhanced student experience.

Why Lyftron

We will enable your business to make data-driven decisions by:
Your business with cost-effective, scalable data solutions
Now no need to write any complex api, rest services, json and xml parsing jobs. Lyftron takes care of all these it converts any data into relational format and allow you to query it with simple ANSI sql
Manual data pipeline complexity so you can access your data easily
Shorten time to insights and cut data management process by 75%
Pre built connectors
Automatically deliver data to warehouses in normalized schemas
Modern governed data lake
Lyftron enables data governance with data catalog, data model, data definition, data lineage, tagging and enterprise data dictionary search

How we do it

Integrate any data source

Connect to supported data source Marketing Cloud and import metadata. Register essential data sets in the catalog and begin real-time analytics.

Query with SQL in Real-Time

Not all data sources must be replicated to a data warehouse to be usable for analytics. Use SQL for any data source and also query data in real-time.

Transform with SQL

Transform or filter the data using SQL that is translated to source data. Combine the data with other data sources.

Use any BI Tool

Lyftron fully simulates SQL Server on the wire so you can use standard SQL Server drivers available in all BI tools and query Education or combine it with other data sources.

Migrate to modern database

Automatically convert data types from data source to match the target database types. A columnar data pipeline will load the data without delays.

Accelerate BI by Prototyping

Shorten BI projects by 4x with a simple trick. First define all required data sets virtually. Build the dashboards on real-time data, consult with business users and replicate the data only when required.

Our Modern Data Ecosystem