Watch our recent podcast and listen to industry experts with every sip of your favorite coffee. We focused on REST, GraphQL, and LyftQL APIs. GraphQL has recently emerged as a promising alternative to REST APIs. Although the former is helping developers overcome the challenges with RESTful architecture, it also brings a couple of loopholes. Explore how LyftQL eliminates the complexity of such API queries with its simple framework. Read more information for in-depth comparision of RestAPI vs GraphQL.

Hear Ali and Samuel for a brainstorming session on the benefits and challenges of REST, GraphQL, and LyftQL APIs. 

Key Highlights

  • History behind the APIs and how REST helped developers.
  • Decoding the problems and challenges faced in REST and GraphQL but covered by LyftQL
  • Deep dive into the pros and cons of REST, GraphQL, and LyftQL APIs
  • How LyftQL eliminates the complexity of API query with simplicity: Learn how to query dynamic data over the REST layer with ANSI SQL in fewer minutes.



Ali Aghatabar
Director at Intelicosmos
Samuel Chowdhuri
Director – W4Solutions
Javed Syed
CEO of Lyftrondata
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