Top ETL Tool for 2022- Make the Best Choice to Achieve a Data-Savvy Enterprise

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Read our latest blog to explore which is the top ETL tool of 2022 and how it is empowering data-driven users.

Top ETL Tool for 2022- Make the best choice to achieve a data-savvy enterprise

When talking about the best ETL tool for 2022, organizations of all sizes need a trusted platform that can extract, clean, conform, and deliver source data into a target storage so that it can be used for queries and analyses. The big question is, what exactly should we expect when searching for the highest rated ETL/ELT tools?

The main benefit of an ETL is that it is much easier and faster to use than traditional methods that move data by manually writing codes. ETL tools, thereby, speed up the process of mapping tables and columns between the data sources and the data warehouses.

A data delivery solution with smart architecture helps to integrate data stored from multiple sources, governs and migrates the data to the desired data warehouse/applications and analyzes the data in BI platforms — all within a few short minutes. While the benefits of an ETL tool are varied and abundant, we can begin with security, availability, governance, delivery and centralization.

By 2023, most enterprise companies will have their data stored in a public cloud data warehouse, like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

Since the market is flooded with several ETL options, enterprises often find it a tough task opting for an ETL tool that delivers all functionalities under a single roof. This blog will further guide you regarding your ETL tool choice for better data management in 2022.

The Most Trending ETL Tool in 2022 - Lyftrondata, A Modern-Day Data Delivery Platform

The Lyftrondata intelligent framework helps with data stack modernization through an agile, automatic, columnar ELT pipeline, and gives 95% faster performance – one of the reasons why it has grown to such immense popularity in the industry.

Lyftrondata allows data enthusiasts to create and manage their entire data workload on a single platform by automatically building a smart data pipeline within minutes. Users can analyze the data instantly with ANSI SQL, BI/ML tools, and share it without worrying about writing custom codes. This feature makes Lyftrondata the best ETL Tool for most enterprises, if not for all! The agile-based framework helps to automatically normalize API/JSON/XML/S3/Blob/NoSql sources into ready-to-query relational format.

Lyftrondata has been recognized and widely appreciated by G2 with the highest rated features being: Hierarchical Data (11% above average), Transformation – ETL Tools (10% above average) and Extraction – ETL Tools (4% above average). Visit our latest G2 reviews here!

Lyftrondata helps solve use cases like

  • S3 delta lake and query data with SQL

  • Automatic API/Json/XML parsing lets you query like a database table

  • Logical data warehousing

  • Data sharing

  • Columnar ELT pipeline

  • 75% faster insights

  • Elimination of traditional ETL/ELT bottlenecks with automatic pipeline

How is Lyftrondata simplifying data management and data migration?

In addition to doing all that a data delivery platform is designed to do, there are certain key differentiators that have caught the eyes of industry leaders and helped Lyftrondata grow to the best ETL tool for businesses.

Lyftrondata’s pre-built connectors automatically deliver data to warehouses in normalized, ready-to-query schemas, and provide data governance and encryption capability for sensitive-data. The robust architecture helps eliminate the time spent by engineers in building data pipelines manually. Data are made instantly available for insights — certainly something that is cutting edge!

Lyftrondata, the modern-day ELT tool, enables you to build a modern data lake in just a few clicks, efficiently minimizing time-to-insights while allowing you to migrate on-premises data warehouses to the cloud step-by-step.

Along with building an agile data culture, it empowers a fast data strategy based on a combination of a modern data pipeline and real-time data access that minimizes delays in data preparation.

Moreover, enterprises can build a governed data lake integrated with the enterprise active directory for authentication.

Lyftrondata Data Virtualization acts as a game-changer and a revenue generator making it the highest-rated ETL Tool in 2022

By delivering greater speed, agility, and response time, Lyftrondata allows users to perform data replication and federation in a real-time format.


  • Data Virtualization (DV) enables Logical Data Warehouses (LDW). Data virtualization tools offer users a single interface — often based on SQL — to access data in multiple places or formats.
  • The LDW technology that resides in Lyftrondata allows a new approach and flexibility when it comes to managing data lakes.
  • Lyftrondata integrates data virtualization, manages the unified data for centralized security, and delivers real-time data for best-in-class performance. Lyftrondata provides a common abstraction over any data source type, shielding users from its complexity and back-end technologies it operates on. It relies on views that allow users to integrate data on the fly.

The benefits of data virtualization with Lyftrondata are vast. While data abstraction, federation and collaboration top the charts, the “zero” replication approach and real-time actionable insights catches the eyes of those who seek finesse. Additionally, Lyftrondata allows enterprises to authorize centralized data-governance and security, which is one of the key reasons for Lyftrondata’s growing popularity as the best ETL Tool in 2022.

Simplified connectivity to any API is another striking feature that boosts fame for Lyftrondata, once again making it the most preferred ETL Tool for 2022

Lyftrondata streamlines connectivity to any API by a simple and codeless means. Unlike other ETL tools, Lyftrondata does not simply load data to other databases, but rather its architecture simulates databases and allows real-time SQL queries to the actual data sources.

Another reason for Lyftrondata being the top preference for everyone is that you get real-time data from source systems and data warehouses during data modeling and prototyping. Enhanced scalability, reliability, security, and performance have made Lyftrondata APIs models a leading data integration solution.

Make better and faster business decisions with Lyftrondata Data Loader

With a proven agile-based migration approach, Lyftrondata empowers businesses in getting deep insights from complex data for advanced analytics. Another noteworthy advantage is that the automatic pipeline enables seamless migration to data warehouses and data lakes.

For the majority of workers it can take hours or even days to find the right data they need. Only 3% of employees can get the data to answer their questions in seconds.

Keeping in mind the modernizing methods of efficient data handling, Lyftrondata is specially designed for modern analytics with respect to its migration process. Data-driven enterprises can effortlessly move workloads from a legacy data warehouse to the cloud with a relevantly low cost and budget and with little effort.

Lyftrondata Warehouse’s agile-based infrastructure is always amongst the hot talks! Yet again another reason to be regarded as the best ETL tool

Along with providing unbeatable security, confidence, and insights, Lyftrondata brings the full power and confidence of next-gen warehouses to fast-growing enterprises and enables them to perform without any limitations.

Only 26% of companies say they have achieved a data-driven culture, leaving the other 74% of companies in the dust.

An SQL workbench to help you make your data lake scalable and accessible

Specially designed for fast, easy and secured data transformation, Lyftrondata allows you to query all data sources with a simulated Transact-SQL.

Thanks to its powerful architecture, users can continuously get fresh and optimized data after writing an SQL query only once.

All in all, you can transform your data stream and experience a true Extract-Load-Transform with your familiar SQL.

Build a multi-efficient, high performing delta lake on S3, Blob and Google Storage

Lyftrondata allows you to build and optimize your delta lakes on S3, Blob and Google Storage. Users can automatically sync data with the delta lake, which can be further transformed with SQL. Along with running big data analytics with AI-ML, Lyftrondata architecture supports automatic, zero -code JSON/XML/API parsing to relational format and allows users to analyze instantly with ANSI.

73.4% of companies still report business adoption of Big Data and AI initiatives as a challenge. This may seem high, but not all that surprising considering Big Data tools have historically left most businesspeople out of the conversation.

Lyftrondata not only reduces risk, but also helps users experience a secured distribution of actionable intelligence making Lyftrondata one of the Top ETL Tools.

Choose the best ELT tool to create a modern, centralized data hub- The Lyftrondata hub

Lyftrondata hub streamlines and aggregates all source and target databases in one place. Not only can users obtain centralized control of ownership and sharing, they can also move data at the precise latency via high-performing data pipelines.

Most companies only analyze 12% of their data. That means 88% of data goes unanalyzed!

Lyftrondata hub proves to be the most suitable hub for analytics as it enables users to find all data, create shared data sets and manage data replication to a data warehouse in one place.

The best ETL Tool for data preparation

Lyftrondata is uniquely enriched with robust architecture to provide faster actionable insights. The platform provides a simplified view of all the data in one place without movement while enabling a multi-functional governed data lake along with cloud data warehousing.

Before using data for business data analysis, Lyftrondata allows you to improve its quality for better-optimized processes.

Lyftrondata replication ranks as the best ELT Tool for data replication

Faster access and improved system resilience are just a few of the abundant advantages of Lyftrondata replication. Being the top ETL tool for 2022, Lyftrondata enables large-scale replication and sharing of data among different hosts and systems.

The most outstanding highlight is the architecture which is designed to easily replicate data and implement incremental changes from multiple sources to Amazon S3, RDS or Redshift. Lyftrondata continuously syncs data in real-time and securely shares data through advanced encryption with the industry’s most cost-effective licensing model.

A leading ETL tool for data pipeline

Lyftrondata supplies businesses with a steady stream of integrated, consistent data for exploration, analysis, and decision making with its columnar SQL.

The modern columnar pipeline efficiently unifies all the data sources to a single format and then loads the data to a targeted data warehouse. This in turn makes data readily available for use in analytics and BI tools.

The best ETL tool for data sharing in 2022 designed for innovation and growth.

With Lyftrondata, you can share any amount of data at any scale any time while maintaining the single source of truth. The robust and secure sharing framework allows you to enable governance on your data hub and easily maintain one-to-one, one- to -many and many-to-many relationships with your customers & partners.

1 out of 4 companies claim they have no single source of truth when it comes to centralized data.

2022’s best ETL/ELT tool with a robust data catalog for a single source of truth.

Lyftrondata allows enterprises to quickly discover, manage and understand all data while keeping it up-to-date.

Not only do users achieve a data privacy compliance framework, Lyftrondata also allows effective and efficient use of data through a modern governed data lake. Moreover, the Lyftrondata catalog simplifies data discovery at all scales.

Why Lyftrondata is the most preferred ETL tool for data-driven enterprises.

Lyftrondata is counted among the top ETL tools for 2022 owing to its astute ability to streamline the data management securely and rapidly from various data sources. The robust architecture of this ETL tool helps find a balance between traditional ETL-heavy data preparation and agility to find, connect and use any data without delays.

Connect with our experts today to explore how Lyftrondata could help with data stack modernization with agile, automatic columnar ELT pipeline and give you 95% faster performance.

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