How customer advocacy program boost sales

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Create a customer advocacy program that will help you increase your sales. Read more in our blog
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How to create a customer advocacy program that will help you increase your sales

Your marketing department does not have the greatest marketers for your brand, however, your consumers do!
According to Gartner, more than 75% of B2B customers seek advice from three or more sources before buying.
Your consumers are the finest people to promote and advertise your business. Why? Because people trust their peers.
Customers may become brand supporters in a variety of ways. They can be contacted for references or to speak at industry or corporate events. They can share success stories, product and service reviews, and quotations for use in marketing materials. They can use social media to spread the news about your company. These referrals from friends and family are quite helpful.
There are many different things customers do that act as brand advocates. They can become references, appear at events or conferences, provide success stories about your product or services, share the word about your business on social media, and so much more. These kinds of advocates are invaluable to any company because they make up the backbone of every successful business.
But how do entrepreneurs go about activating these kinds of advocates?
What kinds of tactics work best for recruiting them?
How should one make use of them to their full potential without turning off other customers in the process?
Here are some pointers on how to start a customer advocacy campaign that works.

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1- Always give more than you receive

Customers who are pleased with their experience become happy customer advocates. So, the first thing you should do is prioritizing your consumers. Customer success and pleasure must be the heart of your business. This must be a fundamental value. However, even inside your customer advocacy campaign, your consumers must always come first. What benefit do they derive from speaking on your behalf and offering glowing testimonials? What are your strategies for making it beneficial for them? What can you do to get them to work harder? If they’re a small business, the additional exposure provided by your marketing department might be a promotional benefit. External visibility of an individual’s work can be beneficial to their career.

2- Build trust

Customers must trust you and your brand if you expect them to speak out on your behalf and connect their name with your firm. Building a relationship that isn’t only centered on selling and purchasing is the greatest way to achieve this.Make it the objective of your customer advocacy campaign to “create relationships with customers.” Before you ask someone to advocate for you, work hard to get to know them and earn their trust. Create incentives to encourage consumers to respond positively to requests. Make account personalization a priority for your sales and marketing teams.

3- Collaborate with sales

From the first encounter through a regular cadence of contact, salespeople are frequently the most engaged with a customer. They most certainly “own” the consumer connection and have a wealth of data about them. Make sure Marketing and Sales are on the same page so you can get recommendations for your customer advocacy program and advice on how to effectively work with certain customers. They can also assist you in crafting the appropriate message. It is also in their best interests to help the consumer succeed.

4- Simple is best

It’s likely that the advocacy work your client is performing for you isn’t part of their job. When making the request, keep this in mind. Respect their time and the amount of effort they’ll have to put in. Use an existing event if at all possible. Perhaps they have more time to perform a live webinar rather than a multi-take film. Perhaps they’d be willing to do a phone interview for a customer success story. Spend time determining what will benefit the consumer the most.

5- Seek out great stories

Getting a large worldwide company to participate in a consumer advocacy campaign is a huge win. However, don’t forget that some of the most inspiring tales can come from tiny businesses that have done something unique with your product or service. They may have come from a business that picked you over a competitor. They might come from a company that has accomplished a big objective or statistic as a result of your efforts. They might also be an articulate advocate who is eager to promote your brand.
Who has a compelling or fascinating tale to tell? These clients can be identified with the help of sales. Another great resource are partners: They can also help to convey a more complex idea or increase trust.
If you want one thing to improve the success of your business, it’s customer advocacy. However, while many companies believe in its importance, they fail to develop an effective program. This is because most marketers try to implement a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t take into account their own company culture and values. The key to an effective customer advocacy program is knowing your company and then creating a strategy that reflects your philosophy toward your customers.

How Lyftrondata enables customer advocacy for enterprises

Lyftrondata is a data analytics software company that enables users to manage and exchange their data in a safe, controlled manner. Users can create personal online storage hubs, which means you can store all of your important business data at one convenient location. This allows you to instantly share select information with only the individuals who need access. Lyftrondata provides a multitude of solutions for pay-as-you-go use or a variety of contractual plans for larger companies.
Lyftrondata automatically connects, loads, and transforms your marketing databases and files into ready-to-use data sources for popular BI and analytics tools. The newly transformed data is then pushed into your cloud data warehouse or other databases, prepared in standard SQL-compatible tables for optimal performance.
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