Why Data Culture Matters?

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Explore how Data culture can transform how your company uses data, what data people use daily.
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Why Data Culture Matters?

Data culture refers to how your company uses data and what data people use in their day-to-day work. Data culture is the foundation of an organization’s ability to complete analytics projects. If your company hasn’t established a data culture yet, topping the analytics marathon may be more complex and time-consuming.
When it comes to analytics, you’ll find that there is a culture against it. This is because people don’t understand how much data can help the business. It’s not uncommon for an analytics team to lose motivation and give up on their goal.
Now that you’ve established your data culture using data has become easier than ever. You’ll feel like you’re speeding downhill on a pneumatic slope, gathering speed as you go. There isn’t any going back! The gravitational pull of a company that values data-driven decision-making will not only assist you in the beginning but also continue through to the end!

Balancing IT users and data analysts with governed analytics and discovery

Why ?

  • Executives in an organization can show their support of data initiatives by leading by example.
  • Employees understand and use data to make decisions.
  • They should be familiar with the available data and use it to take informed business decisions.
  • The leadership team can also promote data initiatives by removing roadblocks that may get in the way of using data.
  • Analytics teams are more likely to collaborate on data projects when they are accustomed to.
In the beginning, you may not have everything in place for a marathon. Instead of one steep hill, it might be a series of rolling hills to climb. The first analytics marathons may take longer than subsequent ones, but eventually, your data culture will develop into a more efficient process. Analytics can be challenging at first, but over time the process will become easier.

Accelerate your BI performance and transform the way you interact with data

How Lyftrondata helps

Lyftrondata is a modern data fabric solution that provides real-time access to any data culture and enables users to query them with simple ANSI SQL. With Lyftrondata, enterprises can build data pipelines in minutes and shorten the time to insights by 75%, with the power of modern cloud computing of Snowflake and Spark.
Lyftrondata eliminates the time spent by engineers building data pipelines manually and makes data instantly accessible to analysts with simple and standard ANSI SQL. Its prebuilt connectors automatically deliver data to warehouses in normalized, ready-to-query schemas and provide full search on the data catalog.
Your all-in-one modern data fabric platform
Data Migration
Data Engineering
Data Sharing
Universal Data Model
Data Application
Data Warehouse Modernization
BI Acceleration
Governed Data Lake
Data Sourcing for SaaS BI
Data Virtualization
Data Replication


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